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Patches to make Insects Begone play nice with other mods

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If you don't like spiders or chaurus, you're probably aware of the Insects Begone mod, which replaces them with generally less disgusting creatures (unless you're not a fan of bears and skeevers).

It's a great mod and works perfectly well with the base game.  However, because of the way the mod works, certain popular mods, which add in new types of spiders, are not necessarily covered by the mod.  Usually the Insects Begone "failsafe" method kicks in...but that means facing a static, huge fox that is spitting venom and making frostbite spider noises (which IMO is actually more horrifying than the spiders themselves). 

Most mods, like Arissa, Wyrmstooth and similar use the base spiders and as long as the load order is correct, should be covered by the original mod, but some mods obviously do not.

Because of this, I've used TESVEdit to whip up some compatability patches for various popular mods out there.  In each case, I've run the mods by Insects Begone to make sure they are not covered, before adding patchs.

A word of warning:

I am a noob modder, and I have not tested all of these patches fully.  I have made compatability patches and tweaks for my own game before, but obviously this is a little bigger than that.  Wherever there is a problem, please let me know and I will try to help however I can.  I am 99% sure these should work fine, but there's always room for error, unforseen compatability issues etc. 

Installation: no fancy FOMOD here, I'm afraid.  Drop and place directly into the data directory, or else install with your preferred mod management system, be it NMM or Mod Organizer.

Load order: Always place the patch after the mod in question in the load order.

Requirements: just the main mod file for whatever patch you choose to download.  Note, you will need Insects Begone to cover the main game still, but it is not a master file requirement.

Mods Covered:

Beyond Reach:  Cavern Spiders and Harvesters have been replaced by those invasive, aggressive bears.  Note: I have not played Beyond
Reach yet (it's on my list), so please let me know how this works out!

Falskaar:  Surprisingly, Falskaar introduces a new spider type, which I did not remember being the case when I previously played the mod.  Amyway, it has tragically succumbed to a population of highly aggressive, invading bears, which somehow managed to get introduced from Skyrim (I blame the Dwemer).  Mod covers the loading screens which had the spider as well.

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal: In this one, unlike the others, I chose to replace the spiders with the desert wolves Manny introduced in the mod.  I thought this was a nice touch, and a little more immersive, as I'm fairly sure desert bears are not a thing.

Helgen Reborn: The mine based portion of this quest introduced a variant spider, which this changes into a bear.

Legacy of the Dragonborn: LotDB incorporates Moonpath to Elseweyr into its own questline and download, which means it needs a different patch from the Moonpath mod itself, as it has different master files (see below). 

Moonpath to Elseweyr: I saw this requested a lot on the original Insects Begone mod page, and was in fact part of the inspiration for making these patches.

OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim.  OBIS 2.0 and onwards has introduced a Bandit Trained Frost Spider.  What kind of self-respecting bandit
trains spiders?  Snow that's a proper bandit beast.

Perkus Maximus: Insects Begone mostly works with Perkus Maximus just fine (I'm currently using it with no problems).  However, two spells do reintroduce spiders, namely Curse of Infestation and Phantom Spider.  This mod alters those spells so that the former now births skeevers from the enemy corpse, and the latter creates a Phantom Invading Bear, and updates the spell descriptions to correct this.  Place before Patchus Maximus but after Perkus Maximus Master (and Mage, if you are using it, though it only relies on the Master as...well, a master) in the load order.

Skyrim Redone (SkyRe): The original Insects Begone comes for a patch for SkyRe.  However, this also causes CTDs when purchasing from Conjuration spellbook merchants, due to how those spellbooks were removed.  Please use the SkyRe fix patch, kindly provided by Lysander9.  If there is a demand for it, I could also carry over the changes to  Curse of Infestation from Perkus Maximus to SkyRe as well.

Future plans.

Making a full patch for Requiem.  Requiem adds in new variant spiderlings, which are not covered by the original mod.  However, the original mod also overwrites Requiem changes to bear stats and loot, which differ in some significant ways from the base game (ie; they are designed to destroy you, like everything else in Requiem that isn't a mudcrab.  A small mudcrab).  Those are simple enough.

There are also some issues because of the way Requiem changes how Frostbite poison is looted, which I am trying to work around because currently I either have the choice to add said venom to all bears in the game or override those mechanics so the venom can be looted as normal, both of which have potential balance issues given how powerful said venom is.  If anyone has any suggestions on that particular patch, I'd be interested to hear from them.  And once that patch is operational, I'll see about making it compatible with Requiem Survival Experience, if it isn't already, and a patch for NRM Dragonborn as well.

I'm also looking into the feasibility of a Sands of Time patch.  Hallucinogenic, Dire and Mephala spiders can be turned off in the MCM, but turning on the Populated Dungeons feature can reintroduce some of these.


I will happily take requests for other mods as well.  I don't have an exhaustive list of mods which don't work with Insects Begone, so if you know of one, please tell me about it.

I am fully aware I have mostly focused on spiders, and not chaurus.  This is partly due to my own preferences, and partly because there are far more variant spiders than chaurus out there.  I also got the impression that it was more the spiders that were issues for other players.  However, if people request it, I can also replace the few chaurus added in by other mods as well.

If you also have better, more immersive ideas for replacement creatures, again I'm open to suggestions.  I've stuck with bears for the most part as a nod to the original mod and because they more or less fit...but given the variety of locations added in by mods, I'll be the first to admit a bear is not always the most intuitive choice.