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Adds vampire followers to the game, the Karlov siblings Elisabeta, Irina, Lyzolda, Dumitru and Vasile.

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Mod Update:
Skyrim SE version is now available, conversion courtesy of netbadass.

Greetings. I'm kavula and this is my second publicly-released mod.

One thing about playing the Dawnguard DLC is that you get to have someone following you around who is Vampire Aristocracy in the form of Serana. There are a lot of mods that modify Serana's physical attributes, combat AI, et al, and having her as company can be quite gratifying (from a gameplay point of view). I thought to myself, since it's fun to have Serana the bloodsucker as a quasi-follower, why not make a vampire follower mod to complement her.

I mainly drew inspiration for the followers' appearances from Francis Ford Coppola's cinematic interpretation of Stoker's classic novel with elements common to all contemporary vampire lore (immortal undead entities, sophisticated, cultured, highly-organized, with strong filial bonds, etc. and finally, the most defining vampire trait - pale complexions.)

The only requirements:
The Game (Skyrim Version

The body meshes and textures of the followers are standalone.

Automatic - Use your preferred mod installer (NMM, Mod Organizer, Wrye Bash).
Manual - Extract the compressed file/s using any of the popular file archiving
programs (7Zip, WinRAR, WinZip, etc.) and place the extracted Data
folder/s into the game folder. Activate the mod/esp using the TESV
launcher or though your preferred mod installer/organizer.

And now, may I present.. the Karlovs...

They are from a vampire clan that broke away from the Volkihar in ages past. The founding and existing members of the clan, for some obscure reason, now swears fealty to the Order and as part of their homage, the dominant family's children will be given up to the Order, to be trained as enforcers and executors of their will. They are primarily tasked to hunt down, suppress or if necessary eliminate vampire clans, factions and individuals the Order would perceive as a threat to their power and influence. Ruthless to a fault, their allegiance to the Order is fragile at best, and their bond as siblings may be the only real allegiance they adhere to.

Irina, the Alpha Female...

The worldly and sophisticated Irina is the de facto leader of the outfit. Being the eldest, she acts as the mediator and arbiter of the affairs of the siblings....

Elisabeta, the Stern

The reserved and astute Elisabeta serves as Irina's lieutenant. A stark contrast to her elder sister, she
provides the voice of prudence for the group.

Vasile, the Muscle....

When things get out of hand and subtlety and guile is not the best option.... He gets the job done, often with gruesome results.

Dumitru, the Bragadocio....

Swashbuckler, seducer, bon vivant. What he can't get through force-of-arms, he can and will obtain it using his "otherworldly" charms. He is often at odds with his brutish brother, Vasile.

Lyzolda, the Youngest....

Not even a centuries-old vampire can't escape sibling pressure. Irina considers her as being impulsive; Dumitru, naive and Vasile, fragile. Struggling to find her place among them, she constantly challenges her abilities, even to her own detriment, to earn what she ultimately craves for, respect.

They can be found inside Morthal's Moorside Inn, having heard rumors of recent "implicit vampire activities" involving someone who may be considered a detriment to the maintenance of the Order's status quo..

All followers have their own combat styles, combat class and stats patterned after the game's Nightmaster Vampire boss spawns (essentially they are overpowered), so I suggest that you use any of the popular combat AI overhaul mods and high-level enemy spawns to even things up a little (DUEL, Combat Evolved, Dalquist's High-Level Enemies mod, etc.). I recommend that you pick them up when your game is in it's mid-to-late stages, when enemies get really bothersome.
Lyzolda, Irina, Dumitru and Vasile starts at level 40, 41, and 42 respectively and auto-levels with the player and are essential. You can always use any of the popular follower overhaul mods to manage them (I personally use EFF).
Irina, Elisabeta and Vasile prefer wearing Heavy Armor, Lyzolda and Dumitru- light armor.
Weapon focus for all followers: one-handed with appropriate perks (bladesman, hack and slash, fighting stance, savage strike), the females prefer swords and war-axes and Vasile prefers maces. Dumitru  and Elisabeta can dual-wield. They also use spell packages that are patterned after what NPC Vampire Nightmasters/Nightlords utilize (frost and shock spells, the obligatory Vampiric drain, etc.)

Special Notes:
I highly recommend cloudedtruth's Relationship Dialogue Overhaul mod which fixes the bugged Female Sultry follower dialogue (used by Irina), and a host of nifty features that enhance follower dialogues.
One user confirmed that flexcreator's Bloodthirst - Vampire NPCs Can Feed works with this mod.

Thank yous and Credits:

I would like to give thanks to the following mod authors and their corresponding mods. Without them I could not make this mod possible:
Apachii - ApachiiHairMale mod installments from ApachiiSkyHair
Gabriel Mailhot/LogRaam - The Eyes of Beauty
Hello Santa - SG Female Textures Renewal and SGHairs (not hosted on Nexus but you can google it)
urshi -  Fine Face Textures for Men and Smooth Male Body (Nevernude Version)
Hvergelmir/Ithot - Brows
bhaktisean - face meshes, eyebrow, vampire eye meshes and textures and warpaints from The Lunari Race
Caliente - Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE)
dimon99 - DIMONIZED UNP female body
TairenSoul for Elisabeta, Lyzolda, Dumitru and Vasile's warpaints.

Special thanks to:
Bethesda for making Skyrim
Expired for RaceMenu.
Sharlikran and the TES5Edit team for the always-handy TES5Edit.

Mods featured in the description images and screenshots (not included in this mod):
Zerofrost's exceptional armor mods: Medusa and Drakul Armor, Contractor Armor, Raven Witch Armor
and Blood Witch Armor

Daedric female armor replacer by MaikCG
Dread Knight Weapons Set by jojjo

Sauron's Mace and Morgul Blade from Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection by Isilmeriel
Eastern Daedric Katana from Lore Weapons Expansion by Insanity Sorrow
Daedric Katanas from Katana Crafting and Ebony Amulets from Expanded Jewelry Crafting by lautasantenni
Daedric Reaper Armor by Deserter X
Steel Bikini Armor V2 by nisetanaka/someone and kofman77
Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethystDeceiver
Vampire Dark Knight for Dream Girl, UNPB, CBBE, Sevenbase and HDT by newmiller
"Juvenis" circlet from KS Jewelry by Stealthic and Kalilies

Thank you for visiting my mod page.