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adds All my unique and remade Follower mods from nexus and steam into one Page

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Compendium of all my follower 

*********************Disclaimer******************************************************************************************************************************************** none of the textures and/or Resources other than the chameleon spells and the caravan resource are mine if asked by the makers of the sabrekhajiit argonian fins mfvm or the argonian textures animated dragon wings Argonian Brute radioreggaes argonian hair and apachiiskyhair mods, i will remove them from these mods 
--Argonian Fins


Animated Dragon Wings 


---All Beast Race followers use MFVM which makes the beast race voices able to be used for followers---

-all future follower mods are going to be posted here and eventually merged together depending on needed resources apachiihair followers in one argonain fins in another caravan resource wing mods


1. argonian Shieldmage Naffa the Shielded Scale

Battle mage that relies on cloakspells, armor spells and wall spells alongside ally healing grandhealing spell she wears heavy armor and wields the targe of the blooded 

 dont give any weapons

can be found in college of winterhold arcaneum
Sister of Roars-in-Fury

2. Vampiric Argonian Warrior  Roars-in-Fury

adds a unique looking argonian vampire male Follower can be found at the sleeping tree camp

Naffa the shielded scales Brother

can be found at sleeping tree camp inside a coffin letter to his sister nearby (will begin a quest later)

3. Chamelea ShadowWalker

-adds a chameleon textured argonian that uses chameleon spells and is part of the Thieves Guild


can be found in the Nightingale Hall

4. Unique argonian/redguard hybrid      Blesses the Sands
can be found in the temple of mara and is a healer and when asked to heal gives you a cure disease potion also heals in combat with custom healing spell that heals all nearby allies when cast (variation of grand healing)


5. Vampire Follower Veri Nocturne with a small tomb with a couple customized enemies

Veri Nocturne-- a female vampire follower that you can marry 
Nocturne Family Catacombs-- A Small Catacomb Dungeon with Special Monster Enemies 
Can be found near the Lady Stone
(Tomb upgraded and now more eerie with fog bank surrounding it and customized interio)


6. Sir Elfendrago a half dragon half elven follower of my main skyrim character

-uses archery and sword
-has firebreath shout
-born of an old Dragonborn and a Elven Lady descended from Auriel (the elven aspect of Akatosh)

can be found in bloated mans grotto location temperary


7. Ri'Sahkaar the White Lion
Requires -
Khajiit Caravan Resource -

adds my Fallen(Vampire)Templar Lion/Khajiit from ESO to skyrim as a Follower/ he can be found in Ahkari's Caravan that travels between dawnstar and riften

8.  Mt'Lioness
-is a Archer so specializes in archery and starts in Forsworn Armor

a merger of the forsworn and sabrecats using dark magics that the 'Hagravens use. experimental Creation  when trying to create a servant that isnt undead

can be found at Bards Leap

9. T'ygra

-a Kapotun envoy seeking the Dragonborn after traveling a long way from Akavir

-wields 2 hander and heavy armor prefers dai katanas and blades armor or any armor or weapons that remind her of home

-has firebreath and become ethereal shouts

can be found outside SkyHaven Temple


10. hatching dragon eggs and baby dragon followers and enemies plus new dragon nests/altars
 the altars show up on the map instantly but have to be discovered to tavel to

11. Jorunn Eagleeye
-a male driinkiin (deer Kin) follower can be found in the Driinkiin camp when you complete the gildegreen quest from the whiterun temple of kynereth

12. Lorelai
-a Female Driinkiin race follower found t the same location as Jorunn Eagleeye

13.Chuck "the Dragoon" Norris
-a male imperial dragoon with 3 custom abilities and a spear. can be found outside the battle born farm

14. Kaaz
a tiger dragon Kapotun found in a secluded locaton out in the rift. can summon wings once a day

Coming Soon......

-more followers
-custom locations