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A simple Racemenu preset of my current character.

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Note: english is not my native language, so please endure the errors.

Hello and welcome to my first MOD.

Mod Description

Nothing fancy, a simple preset for RaceMenu, based on one of the presets that comes included in the Ningheim Race Mod, edited a bit to acomodate my personal taste.

Required Mods

And their own dependencies.

Using the Mod

After installing both requeriments, download and install my preset. Run the game, enter the console and type showracemenu, press enter and close the console, you will be at the race select menu provided by RaceMenu.

First select Ningheim as race, and Female as gender, this is importart or the preset wont load correctly.

There enter the Presets Tab and load my preset that should be there named Eclair.jslot

If you like it, please endorse. Thank you!

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