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A set of craftable light armor for hardy Nord warriors and berserkers. Male and female versions, weight-slider compatible, works with any race or body type.

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  • Turkish
Barbarian Steel Armor

This mod adds a stand-alone set of craftable light armor to the game. The armor will work for any race - male or female - and is fully weight-slider compatible.

  • Craftable Fur Cloak for added protection or modesty
  • Custom inventory models
  • Weight-slider compatible
  • Works with any body type
  • Compatible with your favorite texture replacers
  • Choice of hood or helmet to fit your play style

~How to Obtain~A set of Barbarian Steel Armor can be crafted at the forge under the Steel section, if you have the steel smithing perk. Armor stats are between Elven and Thieves Guild.

~List of Armor Pieces~
  • Barbarian Steel Armor
  • Barbarian Steel Boots
  • Barbarian Steel Gauntlets
  • Barbarian Steel Helmet
  • Barbarian Fur Cloak
  • Barbarian Hood

~File Versions~
Crafting Only  >  armor can only be obtained by crafting it at a forge

Leveled List Version  >  armor is distributed across the world, and can be found on NPCs and as loot. If you use this version, and you have another mod that edits armor leveled lists, YOU MUST CREATE A BASHED PATCH.

  •  Download via the green NMM button, or click "Manual Download"
  •  If the download stalls or errors out, try again with a different server
  •  Install with NMM, or drag-and-drop everything in the zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder