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Lockpicking in its vanilla form is pointless. The perks are almost entirely uninteresting and many of them are redundant. This mod changes all the boring perks into better ones, making Lockpicking fun and viable. Also included is an optional mod to increase lockpick rarity and cost.

Permissions and credits
Lockpicking in its vanilla form is worthless! So, I modded in a more useful and fun perk tree that makes specializing in Lockpicking rewarding and viable.

New Perk Tree:

Novice Locks -> Light Touch - 4 ranks, each makes locks easier to pick by 25%.
Apprentice Locks -> Greed - makes containers with gold inside 35% easier to pick.
Quick Hands - unchanged
Wax Key - unchanged
Adept Locks -> Loot Sense - crouching momentarily detects nearby gold-carrying dead or living creatures
Golden Touch - unchanged
Treasure Hunter - unchanged
Expert Locks -> Marauder - +10% damage against creatures carrying 25 or more gold
Locksmith - unchanged
Unbreakable -> Master Locksmith - All locks are 3x easier to pick.
Master Locks -> Effortless Lockpicking - Expert or lower level locks are 5x easier to pick.

The Skeleton Key is also modified - instead of being unbreakable, it causes lockpicking to be 5x easier. You do not lose the Skeleton Key if it "breaks", but you can no longer pick locks once you run out of regular lockpicks.

Additionally, you can use the file Eld-rareCostlyLockpicks.esp to increase the value of Lockpicks from 2 to 35 and make them much rarer on corpses and in containers.

-Known Issues-
Loot Sense overrides Shadow Warrior, and vice versa -- only the most recently taken perk is applied to your character.

Place Eld-betterLockpickPerks.esp and/or Eld-rareCostlyLockpicks.esp into your Data folder, and enable them using your preferred mod manager.

Remove Eld-betterLockpickPerks.esp and/or Eld-rareCostlyLockpicks.esp from your Data folder. All potions will return to their normal durations and magnitudes.

1.0.1 - quick fix! Light Touch Rank 2 now has the correct requirements.

Thanks to Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit.

If you dislike the implementation of my mod but want a more interesting lockpicking perk tree, check out this unrelated mod: