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After you slay her previous champion, the Lord of Plots and Goddess of Destruction gives you a new mission. One that could have a big impact on the future of Skyrim...

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After you slay her previous champion, the Lord of Plots and Goddess of Destruction gives you a new mission. One that could have a big impact on the future of Skyrim...

This mod restores the Boethiah's Bidding quest that was already partially implemented by Bethesda in the game files. The quest is fully voiced in the language of your Skyrim installation.

Feel free to port this to port this to SSE and upload a copy, I have currently no time for doing it myself. Feel free to release it in aswell. Consider that my written permission.

Since version 1.0, the problems that the outcome of the quest could cause in critical quests such as the main quest or the civil war have been fixed, the mod can now be used in normal gameplays. Additionally, the problems said outcome could cause in several Solitude quests have been researched, and only very minor quests get affected. Read the FAQ at the end of the mod description to know more about it.

How to start the quest:
- Start a new game. This mod requires a new save file to work properly. Even installing on a level 1 save file may make part of the quest not work properly.

- Proceed with your game normally until level 30. At that level, Boethiah's Calling has already started on the background. Usually a Boethiah Cultist with a "Boethiah's Proving" book will chase you. If it takes too much time, just find a copy of the book and read it.

- Complete "Boethiah's Calling" as usual. This time, at the end of the quest, the dialogue of Boethiah will be different: Boethiah's Bidding will start.


- Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch 3.0.0 or higher.
  (An older version that requires USKP instead is aavailable in the miscelaneous section, for people that don't have all DLC's)

Conflict with other mods:

- Incompatibility found with mod "The Choice is Yours". The incompatibility is critical and there is no workaround for it at the moment.

- Mods that alter Boethiah's Calling in anyway are likely to be incompatible.

- There are multiple incompatibilities with the mod Civil War Overhaul. A patch has been released to address all of these incompatibilities and can be found under miscellaneous section. The current patch requires version 1.1/1.2 of Boethiah's Bidding and version 4.03 of Civil War Overhaul. Do not attempt to use on any other version

Instructions for the CWO compatibility patch.

* Install Boethiah's Bidding and Civil War Overhaul BEFORE installing the patch. The patch needs to overwrite 4 loose files of CWO. These files are all related to Boethiah's quests and won't affect functionality of CWO.

* BB_CWO_Compatibility.esp must be below Boethiah's Bidding.esp and Civil War Overhaul.esp in the load order.

* When uninstalling this patch, you should do a total uninstall (not just .esp uncheck) to make sure the loose files get deleted. You may need to reinstall CWO after uninstalling this patch (unless you uninstall both).

* DO NOT CLEAN this patch with TES5Edit. Any ITM with respect to Boethiah's Bidding and Civil War Overhaul are intentional.

Bug report:

When reporting a bug, issue or effect of this quest on others, it would help to know on which side of Civil War your character is (or if none at all), and the state of main quest. DON'T REPORT BUGS IF YOU DIDN'T INSTALL THE MOD ON A NEW SAVE OR IF YOU USED CONSOLE COMMANDS TO ADVANCE THE QUEST.

External credits:

- Bethesda: this quest is theirs, including the biggest part of the implementation.
- USKP Team: in order to keep their fixes, two of the vanilla scripts this mod needs to change were based on the modified version of USKP, instead of the original Bethesda versions. In concrete, these files are DA02Script and QF_DA02_0004d8d6.

FAQ. Warning: the faq section contains spoilers about the outcome of the quest.