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Adds a small boss encounter in Blackreach and summonable crafted Turrets.

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Update May 15, added optional file to make all the balls lackluster and not bright and happy and tronlike :(

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This mod was (Kind of) built for the /r/skyrimmods Modding contest. Please go to the submissions thread and check out all the awesome entries!

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II. Description
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V. Known Bugs/Issues

Adds a new cell in Blackreach with a hidden secret. Once you acquire the schematics you can craft the Turret reagent to use in the summon spell. Turrets work like normal summons except they are immobile. They will track and fire at enemies within range and explode on death or on unsummon. Turrets have a max and min height they can fire at from their current location. All Dwemer Centurions will acquire the ability to summon the Red Variant of the turret. Player gets the Yellow Blue and Green summon spells. Spell costs sub 20 mana, crafting is under Misc in the crafting tab at a forge. 

1 BSA, 1 ESP, Put in data folder woooooo or install with a manager giggidy. Feel free to throw anywhere in load order. 

Q: Is this lore friendly?

Q: Do the turrets X and can I X with the turrets.
A: They shoot crap and sit there, and shoot crap and sit there, deal with their awesomeness.

Q: Is this compatible with X.
A: How in gods name am I supposed to know that, one second while I consult the almanac of insanity.

Q: This crashes my game!
A: Get a better computer.

Q: The shots are too bright it's blinding me with my ENB.
A: Hehehehehehehhehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH /ROFL.

Q: This is the most awesome thing ever!
A: Not a question but I will accept it. 

Q: I installed your mod and my game crashes.
A: This is actually something I have played with for a while now, 0 crashes ever while using it, thousands of shots fired, you modded your game bad or there is a compatibility issue.

Q: Are you my real dad
A: No

Q: It's supposed to be 'An' not 'A' in your trailer
A: You mod for 3 days straight and get all your grammer correct

Known Bugs Etc

The animation on the legs is like .7 seconds too fast, it clips the eggshell, oh well. No plan to really fix it in this unless something else is drastically wrong

Any mod that modifys the 3 encdwarvencenturian actor bases 'might' have a issue with this mod. It shouldn't as both effects should apply. All I did was give them a new shout.