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A small, simple mod which increases the utility of Aedric Amulets, enhances the effect of their Blessings while wearing them, and changes Freir to offer services as a merchant selling amulets to the player.

Permissions and credits
Terzaerian here, returned with another new mod - Religious Amulets Upgraded! This is an outgrowth of an idea I had for ages now, even predating FCO. Basically, I always felt the Aedric Amulets you can collect in the game were woefully underpowered, especially compared to unique amulets you could find or make and enchant during the game. I wanted to give them unique characteristics that would make them a little more powerful, but in a situationally sensical manner. Religious Amulets Upgraded gives them that boost, as well as upgrades the shrine blessings, and changes the priestess Freir in Solitude to offer a store where amulets can be bought.

  • Amulets offer complete Immunity to Vampiric Drain Spells
  • 15% Weapon Damage Bonus against Vampires and Daedra
  • Empowered Blessings: Receiving a blessing while wearing that Aedra's amulet empowers the blessing!
  • Amulet Store: Talk to Freir at the Temple of the Divines in Solitude to buy Amulets

  • Q) Will this work with Advanced Shrine Blessings / The Grace of the Divine Mod?
  • A) No, as both of those mods modify the blessings received at altars. TGOD in particular also changes the effects applied to the amulets. However, it may still be possible to use RAU with ASB - just load ASB after RAU in the load order. You will not receive the empowered blessings of RAU but should still be able to use ASB's prayer system.

  • Q) I have a vampire mod and this altered the vampiric drain ability! Is it incompatible?
  • A) Due to the unfortunate way Bethesda designed spell effects, the only way to effectively engineer in immunities to a particular spell is to alter said spell's magic effect directly, and add conditions that disallow it from firing (in this case, checks to see if the target is wearing an Aedric Amulet), and unfortunately the vampiric drain spell effects are popular choices for fixes and upgrades. Nonetheless, it should still be possible to make RAU compatible with another mod which modifies Vampiric Drain. Using TES5Edit, open the two mods up and make a Merged Patch - TES5Edit will analyze the changes both mods make, and create a third mod which combines the changes together. Run the merged patch after both RAU and the conflicting mod in the load order.

  • Q) Is there a non-Dawnguard version?
  • A) No; the nature of the changes Dawnguard makes to Vampires are simply too comprehensive that making changes to the vanilla system will suffice to cover it all. If you want to make and upload a non-Dawnguard version, blanket permission is granted.

  • Q) What makes this better than just using a mod like Grace of the Divine?
  • A) While I felt that Aedric amulets were a bit underpowered, I didn't want to make them too powerful either, or significantly alter the character of their magic. I thus made RAU more in the tradition of seorin's magnificent SPERG mod; less heavy-handed overhaul and more a refinement of the existing gameplay elements.

  • Q) WHERE IS THE FCO UPDATE? *brandishes pitchforks and torches*
  • A) All in good time. The Paid Mod Crisis pulled me back into playing Skyrim again, and this is the first thing I felt the urge to make. But rest assured that FCO is still on my mind.

  • Q) Freir already spawned in my playthrough, and she isn't offering merchant services!
  • A) Skyrim is really weird about this sort of thing; sometimes waiting 2 days elsewhere will spawn the mod's version. If all else fails, try selecting Freir in console and using 'recycleactor' and 'disable' and then 'enable' on her. Also, make sure you're actually approaching her during her work hours; she's on duty 6AM to 6PM in the temple; though she will stick around the temple after 6PM she is off-duty and will not offer services.

  • Q) Freir is working, but why is she selling an Amulet of Talos at the Temple?? You're breaking my immersion and triggering my Thalmor Ultrajusticiar PC!
  • A) Sorry about that. The way I have her leveled list set up is that, by default, she sells one amulet for each of the Eight Divines, along with three other random amulets drawn from the pool of Nine. Most of the time, an Amulet of Talos won't even show up, just an extra of the other eight. Try to think of it as an old Amulet of Talos getting left in the offering box by mistake... or a cunning ploy by the Thalmor to put Amulets of Talos into circulation to allow them to monitor dissidents.

RAU is a bit heavier on vanilla overrides than my other work so far. The main resources changes are the spells and magic effects related to the Divines, the NPC Freir, and the magic effects tied to Vampiric Drain spells. The potential conflicts are too numerous to try and predict here, but should be easy to resolve with the application of a merged patch using TES5Edit.

  • seorin's SPERG mod: this has been my overhaul of choice for Skyrim for many years now, and to this day springs new and interesting gameplay twists with its enhanced perk trees, and seorin himself has been a helpful font of sound modding advice.
  • Cleric Armours of the Nine Divines from Credo: A great armor mod for folks who are into playing as a Cleric or Paladin sort in Skyrim.
  • The Creation Kit Wiki, an invaluable resource since 2012.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.