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Requires RaceMenu -

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if you don't have RaceMenu mod ( , This mod won't do anything!

Since this mod is supposed to be a resource, I don't have any plans for additional updates.

applying nordic presets to another human races, for example, were not so bad after all. xD

If you are first to visit here, be sure to check out the Optional Files section as well.
it's a failed experiment for me, but you will like it somehow.

much love,

- AllenMaruchi.

    01 . Description

    I was messing with some of the function of RaceMenu mod (, then I made some nice presets in
   my opinion. I was going to use these presets just for me, but I thought it would be cool to upload these to Nexus to share with other users in Nexus
   site. So here they are. 

    The presets you see in the title picture is the best ones that I could come up with. It was not perfect, even though I spent nearly 3 hours to make.
    But I am satisfied with these results, and I'm keeping these presets for the next time i start a new character.

    These presets may not be so wonderful or fabulous to someone's taste, and I understand it. And I'm pretty sure some other people could make much
   better ones than me. But, as I said it earlier, These were the best I could come up with, And I'm happy with it.

    02. Requirements

    This mod is not actually a mod with a plugin included. There are no plugins, just a preset files exclusively used with RaceMenu mod.
    Only Requirements are the Race Menu mod (,
   and SKSE(Skyrim Script Extender). (

    Without RaceMenu mod, this mod won't do anything. 

    03 . Recommended Mods

    Here are the list of mods that was used in the title pictures and the ones in the Pictures Section. :

    * Female Mature Skin Texture -
      - for the female skin and body texture. 

    * Better Males -
      - for the male body textures.

    * Muscular Khajiit Textures -
      - for the Khajiit body textures.

    * Subtle Male Skeleton -
      - for the Male Body Skeleton.

    These mods are really great for the look. You won't be disappointed if you use them.

    ***Notice - these 4 mods are not included in my mod. 

    04. Installation

    Just extract the compressed file into any location rather than skyrim folder, then move the SKSE folder inside it into Data folder.

    05. How to use this mod

    Install the latest RaceMenu mod first. (

    Go to the race menu. it doesn't matter if you start a new game or type a console to bring a race menu (showracemenu). If you look at the top
   right corner, there are several tabs you can click. Click "Preset". And press F9 Key. If you installed it right, several presets I made will appear.
    Choose the one you like and click it, and the character will change.

    Note that the base race should be correct. For example, "Khajiit-CathayRahtBright.jslot" has a base race of Khajiit, so you must set the character
   race to Khajiit first. And "NordF-Highelf.jslot" has a base race of Nord Female, so you need to choose Female Nord first. The others follow the
   same principle.

    06. Compatibility

    If you install or don't install mods like ApachiiSkyHair mod (, the overall result may be a little
   bit different from the picture I uploaded. Like, hair style may be changed to something else. Hair part of the preset is saved with number, 04 or 23
   something like that, so if you install some hair mods, given number of the hair parts will be different. Same goes to beard and character skin, too.

    Me, I installed several hair and beard mods listed below :

    * Bald Head -
    * Dwemer Beards -
    * Khajiit Mane -
    * ApachiiSkyHair -

    *** Notice - These 4 mods are not included in my mod.

    07. Credits

    I would like to give huge thanks to expired6978, the author of RaceMenu mod. - Without his/her
   work, this mod would not be possible. 
    And I would like to thank Developers of Bethesda Game Studio for making a great game.

    08. Permission

    This mod is supposed to be resource, and there are no plugin or Meshes or Textures folders to go with it, so there is no such thing as a "permission."
    The only thing you should know is that this mod is nothing but a preset, which requires Race Menu mod.

    09. Final words

    Forgive my English, I'm from South Korea, I just hope you understand what i said in description. :)