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Race Menu Character Preset for version 3.0+. Attempt at a believable Wood Elf resembling a certain video game character.

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Hey... Listen!

- Place the file in  Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets. 
- If you don't have the folders, create them.
- Then, in-game, go to Racemenu by pressing the '~' key to the left of the '1' key and typing "showracemenu." Then under Presets tab, Load Preset.
- If you're using Mod Organizer, beware that changes you make and saved Presets go to your Mod Organizer/overwrite folder. So remember to move them after you make changes.

Version 3.01 is out, and includes updated Link and Dark Link Presets.

The race used in the screenshots is a Wood Elf.

Mods used:
WSCO - Windsong Skyrim Character Overhaul(Oriental Bodytype)
Eyes of Aber
KS Hairdos 400(has been removed from Nexusmods and can be found elsewhere)

Armor, Weapon and Clothing Mods used in the screenshots:
The Legend of Zelda - A Skyrim Modification (if using Link's Green Tunic from this mod set your characters Weight slider to 0 to avoid armor tearing)
The Legend of Zelda Skyrim (I just used Link's Hat from this mod in the screenshots)
The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Shield
The Legend of Zelda - Blade of Evils Bane

And, if your interested in doing a full playthrough, as an alternative to the above mods you might also want to check out:
Relics of Hyrule - A DLC Sized Zelda Mod - It includes most of the items from the above listed mods
and scatters them around Skyrim's dungeons for a fluid and more balance experience. He's put pieces of Link's
outfit in the first couple of main quest line dungeons so getting them isn't too difficult.

Also, if you'd like Link as a Follower, I'd recommend a mod that lets you make any of your characters a follower(or enemy):
Familiar Faces

...Or, if someone wants to make a Link follower mod based off of this the answer is yes.