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This mod is obsolete go here:

This project is being merged with Bleach: Total Conversion. Please use the forum above to track progress and leave ideas/comments. With the release of the CK things should get moving pretty quickly

----------------------------------Old info--------------------------------------------
This is a WIP mod for me to add all bleach weapons to the game in high poly with HD textures.

Currently in-game weapons are:
Ginrei Kojaku
Katen Kyokotsu

All swords are Shikai form

All swords are craftable under the "misc" section
Farengar(sp?) sells a spell tome called "Quincy: Chapter 3" or something like that. That is the spell tome for Ginrei Kojaku

Edge blood doesn't work yet, it'll be added in a later update. Currently I was using the model for the blood effects too and it was making them nearly 100k poly's a piece >.<

Notes: Zabimaru is to be remodeled once I have time, more weapons will be added as they are finished and working. Additional content may be introduced after the CK has been released and I have had time to play with it.

How to get the bow:

Allows Ginrei Kojaku to work with the Mystic Binding perk.
Decimated poly levels and set maps to 2048
Added main weapons in high poly with 4096 maps