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Weapons inspired by their real world counterparts.

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  • Polish
Ulfberth sword, Kindjal Dagger, Longsword, Viking war axe, Viking shields, Viking two handed Axe, Bastard Sword, TypeXV Sword, Zweihander !
Use the forge to get them, iron and steel smithing. 

If you like the mod and want to see more content, please endorse !

Update 1.43

Zweihander motherfukaz !

Update 1.42

-Added files for DSR ( bastard sword not working for me, will try to fix it but right now it's just making me angry)
-Bastard sword position adjustments (scabbard and blood decals)

Update 1.41 (18/06/15)                      DSR update probably on friday.

-New crossguard and pommel for the Ulfberth and other small adjusments.
-Texture fixes on the type XV sword (should feel more like metal now)

Update 1.40 (11/06/15)   
-Added Type XV Italian one handed medieval sword. 
-Added a one and half handed medieval sword or bastard sword. 


-Texture adjustments on the Ulfberth (diffuse and glossiness fixes) 
For some reason the normal map's green channel was not inverted for skyrim, this is now the case and the weapon should read correctly. 
-Shortened the Ulfberth grip 
-Decreased Ulfberth damage to 12 
-Increased the Longsword's scale by 10% and small texture tweaks, lowered it's damage a little. 

Update 1.39.1

Small hotfixes, one handed axe had two handed model on followers, typo bug

Update 1.39 

- Added a two handed axe 
- Tweaked, reworked some of the textures 
- Added a quiver with a shield on top (just for cosmetics) 
type "help viking" to find the "viking arrow" item number then 
type player.additem "item number" "number of arrows you want" 
(I will be adding a bow and arrows on the next update this is temporary) 

Update 1.37

- Changed shield cubemaps too make them less oily/shiny

Update 1.36

- Added a Shield with dirty paint.
- minor texture fixes

Update 1.35                             

- Added a viking war axe and viking shield with 4 different paints. 
Use the smith perk (Iron but you will need some steel), these are less powerfull then the previous weapons. 
- minor fixes 

The shield has 4k texture, if you experience perfomance loss I will replace the non 1st person version by a 2k texture. 

Even though I have 4k textures for the weapons, I don't want to release them right now, it is too complicated to manage two different versions as I make new stuff and to be honest there is no difference in game and it makes the file just too big. 


14/5/15 Longsword scabbard
             Longsword texture reduced by 50% (if you want the 4k ones just ask)

13/5/15 Fixed all the scabbards (Nifskope file path problem).

12/05/15 Fixed Ulfberth Scabbard file path, you should now be able to see it while playing.

Picked up the steam sale version of skyrim with all the dlcs, fell in love with the game all over again.
The paid mod debacle really rubbed me the wrong way so I decided to try and make weapons for the people!
I had no idea how to mod skyrim but thanks to some tutorials and new tools ( Thank you Alecu for your Maya 2016  nif plugin) I managed to import a few swords.

It's  a work in progress, spec gloss and cubemaps still need a lot of balancing but if at least a few people like the weapons I'll make more of them.

You can either craft them if you are a steel smith or add them via console ( help ulfberth, help kindjal and help longsword) 
I've set the damage around glass/ebony level, they 're a little faster though. The longsword is a bit faster then the skyrim greatsword and packs quite some punch in order to give a different feel whether you fight one or two handed. Real life two handers aren't that heavy and well balanced ones are extremely fast.