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Added: 11/05/2015 - 01:33PM
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Last updated at 14:20, 12 May 2015 Uploaded at 13:33, 11 May 2015

- NEW -  *** Added a patch for meshes clipping issue at the back of dress II and dress III, pls download and replace, thanks! *** - NEW - 
- NEW -  *** If you downloaded previous update file and found that the shoulder strap was blue color when you equip Summer Dress II / III (Black), please download "Meshes fix for Dress II and III (clipping at the back) v1.2" thanks! New download can ignore this message ***- NEW - 

:: + :: Introduction :: + ::

This mod adds 3 sets of summer dress to Skyrim. It can be used for gameplay but It is not lore friendly. I created it mainly for taking summer/spring themed screenshots. So please enjoy and show us the screenshots!

:: + :: Requirements :: + ::

HDT-Highheels System (Must have or your game will crash, there is no optional .esp)
UNP Based Body/Textures

:: + :: Installations :: + ::

- Extract the downloaded file to a location.
- Copy and paste the "data" folder AND "yurica_summerdress [HDT].esp" into your steamapps/common/skyrim folder.
- Activate the .esp file with your preferred method.
- Enjoy and show us the screenshots :D!

:: + :: How to get the items? :: + ::

- I did not add the items to craft list because it will add too many items to the menu.
- When in game, please type "help summer" in the console and look for "Summer Dress Wardrobe", when you get the number in front, please type player.placeatme [Insert the number here] without the bracket [ ].
- Alternatively, you can find out the load number order in Nexus Mod Manager first and then type player.placeatme XX001DA4 where XX = load order.

Or... simply... Use AddItemMenu by towawot :P (thanks izon for reminding me~)

:: + :: Credits :: + ::
Thanks arison_c for Charming High Heel feet mesh!

:: + :: Known Issues :: + ::

- There might be clipping in some poses, sorry but I have tried my best.
- The straw hat might clip with some hairstyles, pls try switching to other hair styles if possible.

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Thanks Mr. Vatiwah for Video reviews :D