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Adds some much-needed variety to guard and Stormcloak outfits.

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April 2014 Update: Holy cow, almost 50k downloads? I think it was like 5k the last time I checked. Very nice to see that people have found the mod useful. I read some of the comments and I'VE NOW CHANGED THE PERMISSIONS SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO UPDATE THE MOD OR USE IT IN THEIR OWN WORK, FEEL FREE TO DO SO. Skyrim has been patched over a dozen times and all the DLCs have been released since I made this mod, so an update is in order. I just installed Skyrim again with the intention of checking out the DLCs, so I may update the mod myself, but if someone else feels like doing so, go ahead.

-v1.4: New Witcher 2 Helmet Pack helmets for Whiterun, Markarth, Solitude, Riften and Falkreath. Check screenshot. Also tweaked the occurence of vanilla helmets: now Hide and Leather Helmets are mostly worn by guards in Stormcloak holds, whereas guards in Imperial holds wear Imperial and Imperial Light Helmets instead.

-v1.3 Update: Dawnstar Cuirass meshes now properly weighted + added 1st person view meshes.
-v1.3: New helmets for Markarth and Solitude, new cuirass for Dawnstar. Original meshes and textures by CD Projekt RED, cuirass ported by L0rd0fWar, helmets ported by redxavier.

-v1.21: Quick bugfix.
-v1.2: Now includes edwardvlad's excellent Skyrim Stormcloaks Enhanced mesh and textures, replacing the armor of male Stormcloak soldiers and male Windhelm guards. A huge thank you to him.
Guards now carry either Iron or Steel arrows (previously only Steel).
Guards now carry either a Long Bow, a Hunting Bow, or a new weapon called Guard's bow (Hunting Bow's stats with Imperial Bow's looks).
Removed Leather Helmet from Markarth and Solitude, replaced it with Imperial Light Helmet.
Removed Steel Helmet from Winterhold.
Added Imperial Light Helmet to Falkreath and Morthal.
Added Fur Helmet to Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold.
Replaced Winterhold guards' Fur Gauntlets with Fur Bracers.
Added a new weapon called Fancy Steel Greatsword to Stormcloak Soldiers' Greatsword list. (Steel Greatsword's stats, Silver Greatsword's looks).

-v1.1: Added Iron Shield and Banded Iron Shield to Stormcloak Soldiers' shield list (previously only hide and steel).
Made a new item called Fancy Steel Sword and added it to guards' sword list (the new sword looks like a one-handed Silver Sword but has the same stats as the normal Steel one).
Created a separate leveled list for each hold to allow for more customization in the future.
Tweaked a bunch of stuff I'd previously overlooked.
Added an optional version that removes the fullface helmet from guards altogether.
Added an optional version that adds two-handed weapons to guards' weapon list.

-v1b: Changed the boots on Falkreath guards from Thieves Guild Boots to a new item called Falkreath Guard Boots
-v1: Initial release


The guards seemed a bit too much like faceless robots, so I decided to give them a little variety and personality.

All guards now have a random helmet from the following list:
-Stormcloak (regular guard helmet)

Stormcloak soldiers have a random helmet from the following list:

In addition I made the following changes:
-Falkreath guards wear gloves and Thieves Guild Boots (edit: no more, check changelog)
-Markarth guards wear Imperial Light Bracers and Imperial Light Boots
-Windhelm guards wear Fur Gauntlets and Iron Boots + added sleeves to cuirass
-Riften guards wear Leather Bracers and Leather Boots
-Whiterun guards wear gloves and Hide Boots
-Stormcloak soldiers wear Iron Gauntlets and Iron Boots + added sleeves to cuirass

NOTE: The changes only affect newly spawned guards, so to get the full effect you should start a new game.
...or murder every guard in Skyrim and wait for them to respawn. >;3
(Edit: Apparently the mod works just fine on existing saves for some people.)

I might add or change stuff based on feedback. So suggestions are welcome.

Other soups I've stuck my spoon in:
dfacto's Ivory Weapons and Armor
Shodan44's Black and Gold Elven Equipment

For a more diverse Skyrim, I suggest combining this mod with:
Imperial Legion Overhaul by TheCrustyDemon
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