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Crystal looking Soul Gems with the Glass Refracting outer layer.

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What is this mod

I added the glass refraction technique and the MultiLayer texture technique to the soul gems.  The Skyrim engine used the MultiLayer technique on a various objects such as the GlacierSlab object and the Icicle object.  By adding the Glass Refraction technique in addition, the soul gems are now look more crystal like.

This mod includes the game vanilla soul gems and the Dawnguard DLC soul gem shards.

This mod's inner layer texture is textures/clutter/soulgem/SoulGemInner.dds, and I used the Dawnguard DLC's effects/darkswirlalpha.dds file.  This file did not have the transparency, and made the soul gem more reflective.  The soul gems will look dull and matte if you put the transparency on that inner texture file. 

The Skyrim engine required the transparency on the outer layer texture, so you won't see the inner layer when you install another soul gem textures that did not have the transparency.


Bethesda for Skyrim and CK
Nifskope and Blender

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