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An armour mod fit for a swordspell character. Male and female supported.

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Spellsword Cuirass

By Billyro


This mod adds some new armour called the Spellsword Cuirass. The armour is fully functional, however, there are no low-weight meshes, so the weight slider won't do anything! If anyone wants to make low-weight meshes, be my guest (I've had my fill of attempting it). 

The Spellsword Cuirass can be crafted at any forge.


This mod should be compatible with everything. 


Copy the meshes and textures folder to your Skyrim\Data folder. Activate the .esp in the Skyrim launcher. That's it! Alternatively, you can download with NMM and activate it through that.


Please don't redistribute this mod. If you wish to use the Spellsword Cuirass in a custom mod, please let me know beforehand. 


Update 0.7:
-Added new shoes
-Tweaked stats of the armour

Update 0.6:
-Fixed ground mesh
-Tweaked normal maps so the chainmail and cloth looks more natural

Update 0.5:
- Fully functional male and female (high-weight) armour meshes
- Updated diffuse, normal and environment textures
- Various fixes to rendering


Russian translation by Sedvik


Shingouki2002 for fixing the female mesh.

InsanePlumber for helping me fix the male mesh. 

Kiwi-Hawk for helping me fix the ground mesh. 

Humus, for his cubemap base (from which I edited and generated the texture). 

Nobiax, for his chainmail texture base.

3DS Max 2012, NifSkope, Paint.NET and CrazyBump - the tools I used to make this mod.