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Art of the Catch adds an animated fishing system to Skyrim.

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Art of the Catch
is the first animated fishing system for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fishing animations by Aqqh.

Cast your line by crafting your own fishing rod at a Forge and using the Use Fishing Rod ability when near fish. You’ll be reeling in your catch in no time!


Step 1: Install Art of the Catch using a Mod Manager (NMM, Mod Organizer, etc)

Step 2: Follow all installation instructions on this page, or the animations will not work!

Step 3: Enjoy!

How To Play

Using this mod, you will no longer be able to catch fish with your bare hands!

Craft a fishing rod in-game at a Forge.

With the Fishing Rod in your inventory, select the Use Fishing Rod ability in your magic menu. Walk near any stream or lake with fish in it, and press the shout key to use the ability. You will cast your line. (You must be near fish in order for the power to work. Look for dragonflies near the water surface for hints on where fish are gathering.)

Press the E or Use key when you feel a tug on the line to reel in your catch! Moving, jumping, or reeling in your line before you make a catch will cancel the fishing attempt.


Compatible with almost everything.

Edits certain fish Activator and Flora forms. A more comprehensive list of edits will be available soon.

Future Plans

Art of the Catch currently includes the base animated fishing mechanism, which should already be a welcome complement to your existing gameplay, especially with primary needs mods where food is important.

Please look forward to the following features in the coming weeks and months:

* More interactive fishing mini-game (reminiscent of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Final Fantasy XI / XIV) (highest development priority)
* Fishing Journal
* Animation / SFX improvements, additional animations
* More rods, inclusion of bait and lure choices
* Additional fish
* Fish weights and sizes
* Wall-mountable fish
* Radiant fishing quests
* More!

To view the active backlog and follow development more closely, keep an eye on the GitHub page!

Please provide your feedback with what you'd like to see next. Since this mod is in its early stages, your input will help steer the direction of development.