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*Woodland Shack*
#V1.2 OUT NOW!#
(Fixes, Additions & New Craftable Items!)

Woodland Shack is the perfect stop-off for any adventurer who needs a place to sleep, cook & craft. It is a Hearthfire-style 'build your own home' mod and it contains many additional features such as a picnic area situated by the river and artwork to show off your discoveries. 

The land is located near the fallen tree outside of Anises Cabin. You will be able to purchase the land for 2000 gold. After the land has been purchased, you will be able to build the shack along with additional features. 


- Bed + Spare bedrolls (for followers)

- Cooking Station

- Food Storage

- Extra Storage

- Enchanting Station

- Study Desk

- Alchemy Station

- Smithing Station

- Tanning Rack #NEW# V1.2

- Smelter #NEW# V1.2

- Picnic Area

- Moss Hangings  

- Artwork

- Deck Chairs

- Changeable Banners

- Crafting-themed Banners

*Future Goals For This Mod:
  - More Storage (Food, Alchemy etc.)  **DONE - V1.1**

- Banners (To hang around the shack ) **DONE - V1.1**

- Deck Chairs (To sit on the roof and look at the stars)  **DONE - V1.1**

- Tanning Rack & Smelter  **DONE - V1.2**

- Linen Wrap required to craft banners  **DONE - V1.2**

- Improve the food sorting script so it's more effective (Tried but modified script would not work as intended)

- Building Conditions/Requirements **DONE - V1.2**

I am open to any suggestions or feedback on what to add to this mod and how I can improve on it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I shall get back to you ASAP. 



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*Changelog: [/left][left]
V1.1 - Fixes, Improvements + New Features. Added more craftable items.

V1.2 - Fixes, New Additions, Altered Recipes  and new Craftable Items!

  - Artisanix (Open Books / Paintings & Frames)
  - Darkfox 127 (Banners)
  - InsanitySorrow (Folded Blankets)