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I hope you guys enjoy this mod. Please leave all feedback, positive and negative, on the Nexus page. Throw an endorsement my way if you like the mod. And if you don't, give me your criticism.

Full list of effects:


Akatosh - 15% damage bonus against dragons.
Arkay - 15% damage bonus against all types of undead.
Dibella - Take 15% less damage from the opposite gender.
Julianos - All enchantments are 10% stronger.
Kynareth - Shout cooldown is improved by 10%.
Mara - Disease immunity.
Stendarr - 15% damage bonus against daedra, vampires, and werewolves.
Zenithar - Weapons and armor are 10% stronger when improved.
Talos - All shouts are 15% more powerful (15% extra magnitude on all effects)


Azura - Gain 50 health, magicka, and stamina during the hours of twilight (6:00-8:00PM, 4:00-6:00AM)
Boethia - Movement muffled by 75%.

Boethia - Movement is 75% muffled.

Clavicus Vile - Prices are 10% better.

Hermaeus Mora - Gain experience 10% faster.

Hircine - Predators (bears, wolves, sabre cats) become allies.

Jyggalag - Deal 15% extra damage against unlawful enemies (bandits).

Malacath - Take 10% less damage from all sources.

Mehrunes Dagon - Deal 20% extra damage, but take 20% extra in return.

Meridia - 25 extra health, magicka, and stamina during the day.

Mephala - 20% extra critical damage. Spiders become allies.

Molag Bal - Deal 10% extra damage against all enemies.

Namira - Poison immunity.

Nocturnal - 20% bonus to Sneak.

Peryite - Created potions are 10% stronger; an extra ingredient can be gathered when harvesting.

Vaermina - 50 extra stamina at the cost of being unable to gain sleeping bonuses.

Sanguine - All alcohol heals the player for 25 health, magicka, and stamina. The player is immune to negative effects of alcohol.

Sheogorath - One of 8 random effects. Effects change every 12 hours.

- Animal Madness - Take 20% extra damage from animals.
- Weak Mind - Take 10% extra damage from all sources.
- Madgod's Shield -Frost, and Shock damage resistance are increased by 25%.
- Boon of the Madgod - Health, Stamina, and Magicka are increased by 25 points each.
- Mad Gluttony - Sweetrolls restore 100 points of health.
- Mania - 10% extra weapon damage.
- Dimentia - 25% weakness to Fire, Frost, and Shock damage.
- A Pit of Clouds - Immunity to fall damage.
- The Fish Stick - It's a very delicate state of mind! (Water breathing)

Auriel - Shine with light that deals damage to nearby hostile vampires while in combat.
Sithis - 25 extra health, magicka, and stamina during the night.
Alduin - The player deals 15% extra damage to all enemies except dragons, and deals half damage to dragons.

Shrine of Reflection:

"I believe only in my own strength."

Inner Strength - Deal 5% extra damage. Take 5% less.

"I believe only in my own guile."

Guile and Wit - 10% bonus to Sneak and critical damage.

"I believe only in my own mind."

Mind's Eye - 5% bonus to spell damage. Spells cost 5% less to cast.


This mod should be compatible with mostly everything. A few things may require you to have PatronGodsOfSkyrim.esp lower in your load order than other mods that edit the same things.

The extra ingredient effect on Peryite's ability modified the Green Thumb perk, so if you have something else that touches that it may or may not be compatible with that. Peryite's effect of 10% stronger potions will still function regardless.

Sanguine's effect edits all vanilla alcohol with extra effects, so other mods that affect those will conflict.

Sweetrolls are edited with an extra effect for one of Sheogorath's nine random effects.

Sleeping bonuses that grant extra experience have been edited so they don't fire if you have Vaermina's effect active.

A keyword was added to the Slow Time shout so that Talos' effect doesn't bug out and accelerate time instead.

If you want these edits, place PatronGodsOfSkyrim.esp lower in your load order than other mods that edit these things. If you do not want these edits, place it higher than those mods and the rest of the mod will work perfectly fine.

And if any other mod edits the area near the camp behind the Guardian Stones where the small temple door is, you may run into some issues.\

Big shoutout to Burndtdan for creating a Requiem patch and allowing me to upload it alongside the main file. Thanks!