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Small ini tweak to remove the delay with movement when in third person. Won't break anything, and works extremely well with the Enhanced Camera mod.

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This is definitely useful if you've found the third person movement to be a bit sluggish.
If you're not quite sure, next time you're in game, go into third person and tap a movement direction. Chances are your character will only move after you've lifted your finger. This fixes that so it'll move literally as you touch the key :)

This is just a simple tweak to stop the delay, which makes third person a lot more responsive, and lets you use the smooth animation transitions option in Enhanced Cameras without the problems.

I was looking for a fix for myself, but all I found was "skyrim 3rd person movement delay" posts dating back to 2011 with no fixes, so I started looking through the Skyrim.ini settings and eventually found something that worked :)

Note - Only use one file
The main file contains the fix but keeps your movement smooth, I'd recommend use this one.
The optional file contains the fix and removes all dampening (smooth animation transitions and acceleration), basically turns it into the very straight forward unrealistic movement you get in first person.