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This patch makes it so the popular custom tree mods work together and do not replace vanilla trees.

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This patch makes it so the tree mods Caribou Gone, Tamriel Reloaded Trees, and Skyrim Flora Overhaul Regular Edition v1.91 work together and do not replace the vanilla tree visuals. Essentially it makes it so there is a abundance of new trees around Skyrim. It adds a very nice atmosphere to the game making it look more alive.

Required Mods:

Tamriel Reloaded Trees
Caribou Gone
Skyrim Flora Overhaul Regular Edition v1.91

MO users MUST use the newest version (1.3.6) or else the mod will not install correctly.

1. Install Tamriel Reloaded Trees.
2. Install Caribou Gone.
3. Install Skyrim Flora Overhaul Regular Edition v1.91.
4. Install Skyrim Flora Overhaul 2.3. (Optional, but highly recommended.)
5. Install Realistic Aspen Trees. (Optional, but highly recommended.)
6. Install my Megapatch (installer made by hishutup) and choose options for your corresponding mods, overwrite when asked.
7. If you use SFO 2.3 I recommend choosing the option in the installer to change the color of the Solitude trees. 

Compatibly With Other Mods:
There is bound to be some compatibility issues with mods that modify towns or city outskirts. More specifically mods that edit areas around Riverwood, Rorickstead, Ivarstead, Dragon Bridge, the entrance to Whiterun, the entrance to Solitude, and the entrance to Markarth.
Report any issues you have with other mods and I'll see about making a compatibility patch.

Recommended Mods:
WAO - Weather and Ambience Overhaul - It's another "Megapatch" mod, it makes pretty much all the popular weather and sound mods compatible.
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin - My favorite grass mod.
Skyrim Mod Combiner - If you want the best HD textures for your game, look into this mod.
Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD - This mod makes your distant terrain look amazing, I've also included the LOD Billboards for TES5LODGen I used to make this Megapatch in the miscellaneous file section.
Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB Redone - The ENB I used for the screenshots and also one of my favorites.

Final Notes:
The LOD files were generated with TES5LODGen.
Screen shots were taken with SFO 2.1 and my optional darker Solitude tree file.