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Choose from a range of 31 Inconsequential Pets that can accompany the player on their adventures.

Permissions and credits
Inconsequential Pets

~ Requirements ~
  • Skyrim Version (Latest Patch)
  • Modern Brawl Bug Fix - Not a hard requirement but highly recommended

~ Installation ~
  • Download Archive
  • Install with the mod manager of your choosing or extract the .7z archive into your Skyrim/Data directory

Update Instructions:

  • Previous versions are not supported. Please make sure you are always using the latest version
  • Dismiss your current pet and make a save away from the Animal Refuge BEFORE updating. I shudder to contemplate what kinds of Oblivion will be unleashed if you fail to do this
  • DO NOT make a "Clean Save". Use your existing save!
  • Make sure to overwrite any existing files

Version 1.4:

  • Retroactively enabled outfit selection for Draugr's
  • Fixed an issue where anything with a chance to absorb spells could produce blue swirl effects when near your pet
  • Added compatibility for all mod-added brawls to prevent any Brawl Bugs
  • (v1.41) Fixed a bug where some pets couldn't access their debug menu if you were updating from an earlier version

~ Mod Description & Features ~

Choose from a range of 31 Inconsequential Pets that can accompany the player on their many adventures. All of the potential pets may be found inside Saint Jiub's Animal Refuge - a new location West of Whiterun and South of Morthal (map marker has been set to visible).
Each pet is benign and should ignore all combat, they do nothing save keep the player company. 

The current pet roster is as follows:

  • Atronach, Flame
  • Atronach, Frost
  • Atronach, Storm
  • Bear, Normal
  • Bear, Cave
  • Bear, Snow
  • Chaurus, Normal
  • Chicken
  • Deer
  • Dog, Normal (New in 1.4)
  • Draugr, Female (New outfits in 1.4)
  • Draugr, Male (New outfits in 1.4)
  • Elk, Female
  • Elk, Male
  • Fox, Normal
  • Fox, Snow
  • Goat, Domestic
  • Horse, Pony (5 variants) (New in 1.4)
  • Mudcrab, Giant
  • Mudcrab, Normal
  • Rabbit
  • Sabrecat, Normal
  • Sabrecat, Snow
  • Skeever, Normal
  • Skeever, White
  • Stag, White
  • Spider, Dwemer
  • Spider, Frostbite
  • Spriggan, Normal (New in 1.4)
  • Wolf, Black
  • Wolf, Snow

See if you can find them all before making a commitment :)

~ Important Information ~

  • Modern Brawl Bug Fix fixes every brawl I've tried. For any mod-added brawls see below (if applicable)
  • Yes, this is still a thing. No, we cannot automatically detect every brawl (including any mod-added ones). If you need to brawl someone you can access the pet debug menu by activating your pet whilst sneaking (if nothing happens it's because you're in combat)
  • Once activated, Brawl Mode will prevent your pets cloak ability from causing any Brawl Bugs. Brawl Mode will automatically deactivate a short time after your brawl, or if you do not enter combat within 60 seconds
  • As much as I detest how invasive it is to have a manual setting, this is the only way to guarantee universal compatibility. The next best option would make our pets mostly incompatible with the mod Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life
  • Sheogorath take you if you attempt to brawl anyone inside the Animal Refuge

  • If you wish to choose a different pet you must return to Saint Jiub's Animal Refuge and abandon your pet there
  • Once you have abandoned your current pet you will be free to choose another one

  • Any pets with variant outfits will show an outfit selection menu upon adoption. If you wish to change their outfit without having to dismiss them simply activate your pet whilst sneaking (inside the Animal Refuge)
  • The female Draugr has less outfits than the male? Yes, all the vanilla armour variants have been represented. Don't complain unless you wish to provide some of your own ;)

  • Pets have been given the Light Foot perk to prevent setting off pressure plates, unfortunately this does nothing to prevent them from breaking tripwires (this is vanilla behaviour and "fixing" it goes far beyond the scope of this mod)

  • Added an optional plugin which silences the offending bear sounds. Unfortunately these sounds are indeed tied to a specific animation so "fixing" it means that this particular sound effect has been silenced for every bear. It is unlikely you will even notice these sounds are missing from other bears
  • Completely safe to add/remove at your discretion

~ Compatibility ~

  • Self-contained follower system; will not interfere with any other followers
  • A conflict will occur with any mod that edits Skyrim where the Animal Refuge entrance is located
  • Combat avoidance framework automatically compatible with NPC's from Dawnguard and Dragonborn
  • As a rule this should extend to mod-added NPC's too (unless they have some really advanced scripted abilities?)

~ Known Issues ~

  • If a pet has fallen far behind you it is because they rely on the same fundamental game mechanics as normal followers (Navmesh)
  • Sometimes your pet may appear semi-transparent. This is part of the combat avoidance system and only happens if you have bad script lag or the camera clips through their 3d-model (please try to avoid doing this). The appearance of your pet will self-correct when changing cells or location. If you desire a more immediate remedy simply access the pet debug menu (activate pet whilst sneaking)

~ Permissions ~

Unless otherwise stated everything in this package is the product of Antares and Ashen. We give permission for anything we produced to be used freely for the betterment of the community under the following conditions:
  • Credits are given
  • The source code is included for any features that reference any part of this package. Towards this end, the source code for all our scripts has been provided
  • No part of this package may contribute in any way, shape, or form, to any mod that is being sold irrespective of any free versions
  • We stand on the shoulders of giants. This mod never would have reached the standard it holds today without the contributions and generosity of the modding community

~ Credits, Resources & Tools Used ~

Ashen - Project Lead, Worldspace Design
Antares - Papyrus Slave, Debugger/QA, and for letting me convert his mod into a public release
YumeMiru - Tireless testing and feedback. <3

~ My Mods ~

Ruins of Rkund -
Dwemer-themed Player Hideout

Inconsequential Pets -
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