About this mod

Choose from a range of 74 Inconsequential Pets and share your adventures with up to 6 pets at a time!
Pets are invulnerable and cannot attack or be targeted by hostiles (MMO-style pets).

Permissions and credits
Installation & Requirements

  • Requires Skyrim Legendary Edition
  • Requires SkyUI & SKSE
  • Requires SPID (Spell Perk Item Distributor)
  • Install with mod manager of choice
  • ESM-flagged to prevent worldspace/grass bugs. Is otherwise load-order-agnostic & conflict-free save for landscape edits around the entrance

Updating From Pre-2.0:

  • All updates from this point will be seamless. Simply install into your current play-through. Assets from older versions can safely be deleted/overwritten, so make sure to do that
  • Pets from versions prior to 2.0 will have returned to St Jiub's Animal Refuge, you will need to readopt them there or choose another

Description & Features:

  • Travel to St Jiub's Animal Refuge - a new worldspace located West of Whiterun (map marker visible) to adopt up to 6 pets from a range of 74. You'll have to return here should you wish to abandon your Pet(s) or change your party
  • Inconsequential Pets are invulnerable and immune to all combat. They cannot be targeted by hostiles, nor will they ever attack anything. They exist simply to keep you company
  • Version 2.0 has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up. New framework is harder, better, faster, stronger than old system. Most importantly it is more lightweight
  • Self-contained follower system. Does not use vanilla follower or animal slots

The MCM provides the following options/customization:

  • Sand-boxing
  • Movement Speed
  • Follow Radius
  • Skin/Outfit Selection
  • Combat/Non-combat Idles
  • Teleportation (including passive option based on distance)
  • Clone Pet
  • Custom Nicknames
  • Quest Marker Tracking
  • Minimum Distance to Player (pets will move away when too close to avoid blocking your path. You can also Activate them to forcibly prompt them to move)

The full list of Inconsequential Pets is as follows:

Ash Guardian     Dwarven Spider     Riekling Rider
Ash Hopper    Elk - Female    Sabre Cat
Ash Spawn     Elk - Male      Sabre Cat - Snowy
Atronach - Flame    Falmer - Female    Seeker
Atronach – Frost    Falmer - Male   Skeever
Atronach - Storm    Fox - Brown     Skeever - Venomfang
Bear - Brown     Fox - Snow      Skeleton
Bear - Cave      Gargoyle     Spider - Frostbite
Bear - Snow      Gargoyle Sentinel     Spider - Imbued
Bristleback      Giant     Spriggan
Boneman       Giant - Frost      Spriggan - Burnt
Chaurus       Goat      Stag - White
Chaurus Hunter      Hagraven     Troll
Chicken       Horker    Troll - Frost
Corrupted Shade     Horse     Vampire Lord - Female
Corrupted Shade Priest    Husky     Vampire Lord - Male
Cow     Ice Wraith      Werebear
Death Hound   Lurker       Werewolf
Deer    Mannequin       Wisp
Dog     Mudcrab - Large       Wisp - Soul
Dragon Priest    Mudcrab      Wispmother
Draugr - Female     Netch - Betty      Wolf - Black
Draugr - Male       Netch - Calf       Wolf - Fire
Dwarven Ballista    Rabbit       Wolf - Ice
Dwarven Sphere      Riekling    

Variant Skins/Outfits:

The following Pets have additional skins/outfits available from the MCM:
  • Corrupted Shade - Default, Imperial, Stormcloak
  • Cow - Default, Painted
  • Deer - Default, Vale
  • Draugr Female - Default, Armor Variants x4
  • Draugr Male - Default, Armor Variants x7
  • Falmer Female - Default, Armored
  • Falmer Male - Default, Armor Variants x6
  • Gargoyle - Default, White, Green
  • Gargoyle Sentinel - Default, Stone
  • Giant - Default, Armor - Half, Armor - Full
  • Horse - Brown, Black, Black & White, Grey, Palomino
  • Husky - Default, Armored
  • Mannequin - 10 Armor Slots for whatever you give them
  • Riekling - Default, Armor Variants x4
  • Riekling Rider - Default, Armor Variants x7
  • Sabre Cat - Default, Vale
  • Skeleton - Default, Armor Variants x5
  • Spider, Imbued - Default, Fire, Frost, Poison, Glow, Oil, Rare, Shock
  • Spriggan - Default, Earth Mother, Matron
  • Troll - Default, Armored
  • Troll, Frost - Default, Armored

Supporting Creatures From Other Mods:

Mod-added creatures or npc's can be made compatible with the framework from this mod by simply adding them to the Faction IncPetFaction and giving them the IncPetNoCombatPerk and Lightfoot Perks. After that you will be able to adopt or abandon them as you see fit.

Known Imperfections:

  • Pets still rely on navmesh for pathfinding so no matter how fast they are they may lag behind occasionally, or be forced to follow at greater distances than their mcm-configurable package preset encourages
  • Vampire Lords, Werebears, and Werewolves will often play their transformation animations and sound effects when loading in. These can be quite loud. I am exploring a non-intrusive pet-specific behaviours (.hkx) solution for this, but for now you'll have to quiet/mute it indiscriminately or live with it (see Optional downloads section)
  • Similarly Giants shake the screen when moving. This can be fixed with behaviour edits (a mod does this for all Giants in SE already), but I would like to support a pet-only solution for LE as well
  • If you have expertise with custom behaviours (.hkx) please contact me!
  • Physically bumping into animals (or possibly any Actor) causes a hardcoded detection event making nearby hostiles more alert to your presence. I have provided two ways to alleviate this issue: (1) Pets AI Packages all prompt them to move away from the player when within 90 units distance - providing you leave that MCM option enabled. (2) Activating any Pet will forcibly offset them in the direction you are facing (useful if they're about to run into you or otherwise won't get out of your way in a timely manner) for the next 5 seconds

Pre-2.0 Description for posterity