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Adds 20 spells to the Alteration school to turn it into the Annoyance Removal school of magic.

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~~~ This mod requires SKSE! ~~~


~~ ABOUT ~~

Adds 20 spells to the Alteration school. The spells make the game more fun by removing some of its more tedious aspects. Skip long animations; spend less time in menus; that sort of thing. Most of the spells are low level, so you can purchase them from any spell merchants. Tolfdir has the Adept, Expert and Master spells for purchase.

If you're a warrior or some other character who doesn't want to level Alteration, you might still want to buy Arcane Terminus  as a scroll from a spell vendor. Doing so will give you a "swirl" in your home you can step into to automatically sort your inventory. See the spell notes below.

If you have an idea for some other "annoyance removal" spell, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. And please endorse if you like the spells, it's not like I'm charging for them. Ahem.

~~ SPELLS ~~


Breaks nearby logs into smaller pieces.
(Must be cast at a wood chopping block. Dual cast to get twice the wood.)

Caster collides with destiny; a Dragonborn caster moves to the dragon under siege.
(Cast it when you're having a fight with an epic dragon, who then decides to attack the bunny on the other side of the mountain.)

HARVEST - New in 1.2!
Harvests nearby ingredients. Dual cast to harvest even more.
(Catches up to 3, or up to 6 when dual cast. Useful when an ingredient's just out of reach.)

Locks a nearby door.
(Useful at low levels when you're in over your head: NPCs can't unlock a door unless they have the key. Also useful for leveling your Lockpicking skill. Be careful; some doors can't be unlocked, since they require levers to open. If you lock them with this spell, you might get trapped.)

Catches nearby insects.  Dual cast to catch even more.
(Catches up to 3, or up to 6 when dual cast.)

Catches nearby fish.  Dual cast to catch even more.
(Catches up to 3, or up to 6 when dual cast.)

Caster gently trades places with a follower.
(Get out of the damn way, Meeko.)


Caster moves faster and faster while the spell is cast.
(It is VERY EASY to kill yourself at top speed by running off a cliff.)

Extracts the ore from a nearby vein. Dual cast to extract from two veins.

Solves a nearby pillar puzzle, opening the way forward.

All inventory is sent to the caster's home (by default, the College of Winterhold.)
(Quest items are not transferred, but EVERYTHING ELSE is: Gold, armor, lockpicks, keys, potions, all of it. Items are sorted upon arrival. You can change where the inventory goes with Arcane Terminus.)

Unlocks a nearby door or container. Casters with higher Alteration can unlock stronger locks.
(You can do Apprentice locks when your Alteration is 25, Adept locks when it's 50, etc.)


The current location will be used as the target for spells like Sophomoric Teleportation.
(You should only cast this in a home you own or you can lose your stuff. The first time it's cast in a new place, you'll be prompted whether you want to teleport things there or not. This will prevent you from casting it in a dungeon. If you agree to the prompt, then seven random containers in your house will be chosen. Player bookshelves and sacks will never be chosen. The chosen containers will glow red for 30 seconds so you can find them. If you want to pick you own containers, just stand in front of a container and cast the spell again. You will then be prompted to pick what you want to store in the container. It sounds harder than it is, see the images for examples. VERY IMPORTANT: When you cast the spell the first time, a subtle swirl effect will appear where you're standing. After 30 seconds, if you enter that swirl, your inventory will automatically be transferred to the containers as if you cast Sophomoric Teleportation.)

Teleports the contents of nearby containers to the caster's home (by default, the College of Winterhold.)
(Quest items are not teleported. Works on up to 3 containers. Dual cast for up to 6. Items are sorted. Will not loot owned containers. Will not loot locked containers. You can change where the inventory goes with Arcane Terminus.)

Provides a constant light source until cast again.

Caster forcibly trades places with any target.
(Considered hostile, will start combat.)


All items in the caster's teleport containers are converted into septims.
(You must be in the Hall of Attainment to cast this spell. It doesn't sell ingredients or craft items, nor soul gems. You only get 50% of the value of the items. You can change where the teleport containers are with Arcane Terminus.)

SAPIENT PORTAL - New in 1.1!
Opens a two-way portal to the caster's teleport containers.
(In other words, opens the inventory menu. Items stored in the menu will be sorted when you leave the menu. You can change where the teleport containers are with Arcane Terminus.)

Items like those placed into the target chest will not teleport.
(For example, if you place a Potion of Ultimate Healing in the target chest, then Potions of Ultimate Healing will never teleport when you cast Sophomoric Teleportation. Equipped items will still be unequipped, so you'll still be naked, but you can just put things back on. Sorry, fixing that is harder than it sounds. If you cast the spell again, you can reset the non-teleport list.)


Mundane tasks are performed automatically.
(Ingredients will be harvested. Ore mined. Containers looted. Loose items teleported to your dorm. Locks unlocked. Will not steal owned items, just unowned items such as in dungeons.)


There shouldn't be very many problems. This mod requires SKSE. It's somewhat script heavy, but it's nowhere near as intense as Epic Restoration. The spells do need scripts/hidden quests to work. The Unseen Servant spells starts a background task that continuously does useful things, so that might affect performance.

The Sophomoric Teleportation, Cogent Excavation, Philosopher's Gold, and Unseen Servant spells require certain containers in the Hall of Attainment to be there. If you installed a College of Winterhold overhaul, it might be incompatible if it changes the furniture in the Hall of Attainment. As ever, please save your game before trying out this mod. (Most of the College of Winterhold mods I've seen are just retextures and/or purely "add-only" stuff, meaning you should be fine. If you have a problem with any particular mod, let me know.)

This mod automatically adds the spells to the spell vendor lists. You might have to make sure it appears AFTER other mods that add spells in your load order.

~~~ CREDITS ~~~

hunydo1255 and dallas8 suggested Arcane Terminus.
jrstop72 reported an incompatibilty with Infinite Ore Mines (fixed in 1.1.)
mcBook made the awesome casting art.
karimkashmar reported a bug with Accelerate (hopefully fixed in 1.2).
dallas8 and karimkashmar suggested the Harvest spell.

Otherwise, this mod is 100% my original work. Still, many of the spells are available from other modders in other forms. There are lots of Unlock and Perpetual Light spells. I just wrote my own because they're easy and I wanted certain features (like just one Unlock spell that levels with the caster's skill.)

If you're a modder who has a similar spell out there, let me know and I'll link to it here. :) 


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