Big Leather Backpack by hideto84
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Added: 01/05/2015 - 11:44AM
Updated: 03/06/2015 - 03:30PM

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Last updated at 15:30, 3 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 11:44, 1 May 2015

Ok, This is my first uploading mod.

It's simple item, just add on type big backpack that carry weight +100.

You would craft it in the tanning rack.
Recipe : 1ingot iron, 1 grand soul gem(filled), 5 leathers, 5 leather strips.

Tihs is stand alone mod.

Thank you for making video, Slytra

Lastest version is 1.2   15.05.03

ps, I'm not good at ENG. Sorry. But, you'll not have a question, coz this is realy simple mod. lol

Added Small version!  15.05.02

Thank you for Downloading & ENDORSEMENTS

Here is New version - Small size

This Small version has different spec.

Carry weight + 60

Recipe : 1ingot iron, 1 common soul gem(filled), 3 leathers, 3 leather strips.

This small version is stand alone mod, too.

Meshes are different, but textures are same files.

So, you can use 1024 textures in small version.

And you can choice just 1 size, or both of them.

If you would use both, they use same texture files.

Well, I think this is pretty good at looking.

v 1.1    15.05.02

I changed recipes.

Original version (+100) : Grand soul gem => common soul gem

Smaller version (+60) : common soul gem => lesser soul gem

Added No soul gen version

There are many questions about soul gem in recipe.

Here is solution.

BigLeatherBackpack No Soul Gem

Item Name : LBackpackNoSG

Carryweight : 50

Recipe : 1ingot iron, 5 leathers, 5 leather strips.

BigLeatherBackpack Small size No Soul Gem

Item Name : LBackpackSNoSG

Carryweight : 30

Recipe : 1ingot iron, 3 leathers, 3 leather strips.


v 1.2    15.05.03

8 Leather backpacks in 1 esp file.

LBackapck Brown (+100)
LBackapck Black(+100)
LBackapck No soul gem Brown (+50)
LBackapck No soul gem Black (+50)
LBackapck Small Brown (+60)
LBackapck Small Black(+60)
LBackapck Small No soul gem Brown (+30)
LBackapck Small No soul gem Black (+30)

You can craft all LBackpacks in the tanning rack.

Sorry for changing file many time.

Honestly I didn't expect like this situation.
At the first time, this is just for myself.
I didn't know how use texture set of CK tool.
So All in One took a long time.
Thank you for many Downloading & Endorsements. 
I guess this is last adding items.
Because another color or size is not lore friendly in this shape.
8 backpacks are enough item for purpose.
Of cause, Bug will be fixed.


v 1.21    15.05.30

Fixed world object


v 1.22    15.06.03

L backpack => Big leather backpack
L Backpack small => Small leather backpack

Diffuse map

Normal map
Fixed (Swap Green <-> Red)

Again, Thank you. Good traveling :)