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If you felt like going through questlines fighting some the most challenging bosses in the game only to get a reward that isn't worth much and is worse than your current armor then this mod is for you. 

What this mod does 

Buffs the stats of almost every unique item (daedric artifacts, dragon priest masks, etc) so that they sell for more gold and are worth using. 

Affected Items 

-Ebony Blade 
-Mace of Molag Bal 
-Mehrunes Razor 
-Nightingale Blade 
-Nightingale Bow 
-Red Eagles Fury 
-Red Eagles Bane 
-All of the Galdur Weapons 
-The Rueful Axe 
-Sanguine's Rose 
-Skull of Corruption 
-Staff of Magnus 
-All nine dragon priest masks 
-Archmage's Robes 
-Ebony Mail 
-The Galdur Amulet 
-Masque of Clavicus Vile 
-The Necromancer's Amulet 
-Ring of Hircine 
-Ring of Namira 
-Savior's Hide 
-Shield of Ysgramor 
Targe of the Blooded

For Dawnguard users

-Auriel's Bow 
-Auriel's Shield 
-Amulets of Night Power 
-Rings of Blood Magic 
-Dawnguard Rune Artifacts 
-Atherial Artifacts 
-Staff of Ruunvald 
-Akaviri Sword 
-Harkon's Sword 
-Ancient Falmer Armor 

For Dragonborn users

-Bloodskaal Blade 
-Miraak's Items 
-Relics of Ahzidal 
-Deathbrand items 
-Telvanni Robes 
-Champions Cudgel 
-Bow of the Stag Prince 
-Blackbow of Fate 
-Visage of Mzund

No DLC is required unless using the optional files for Dawnguard and Dragonborn. If there are any bugs let me know in the comments.