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My personal overhaul of Winterhold, not compatible with ETaC.

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Winterhold Expansion

Did you also wonder why does the old capital of Skyrim look like a small village that burned down with no notion of the city's great history? Well no more! This mod adds ruined walls around the city, some towers, few houses, broken temple and fallen castle and many other clutter material, to make Winterhold feel like remnant of past glory, increasing the immersion.

This copy of my old mod from SteamWorkshop, I just thought to share it on nexus as well, even though there are numerous other mods that do pretty much the same thing, most of them unfortunatelly listed in the non-compatible section.

This mod consists of:

Walls all around the city (exept for North, as it fell to the sea) 
Numerous ruins and rubble to make the city feel larger 
Several Guards to patrol new perimeter 
Watchtower, two guards and armory inside 
Temple - simple collapsed temple in the style of hall of dead of the other cities, including a priest (with a tiny dungeon) 
Castle - partial dungeon remains of a collapsed castle, abandoned after the collapse.  
Frostfall Farm - small house with 2 NPCs 
Krondir's House - another small house with an NPC. 

Dawnguard (or you will get a CTD)


Compatible with:

Mods altering the College of Winterhold
Mods altering vanilla NPCs
"Towns and Villages Enhanced: Winterhold" from steam Workshop

Not Compatible with:

ETaC- i know, everyone has it, even I do, now, I have created this mod ages ago for steam Workshop, not knowing about this one.
IS (immersive settlements)
JK's Winterhold
Winterhold-expanded Ruins
Winterhold Fully Restored

Some Navmeshing issues still present but cleaned with Tes5edit,
Patroling may not work properly, and female guards are missing voice
Lowlifes may not be hostile to PC (rare, but confirmed).
Some ambush triggerboxes are not set properly. 

If you find any other bugs, or have any suggestions, please do tell me so I can improve the mod! 
Thanks for rating!