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This is a performance Friendly full grass mod, that uses part of the GOS tweak to increase the density to performance ratio.

Permissions and credits
What it does:

main file:

Logical Grass: Full Grass mod with meshes, textures and a plugin that increases the grass density and changes which grasses load on which landscape texture.

Lush Grass two: This is the Mod Lush Grass by SparrowPrince with a Plugin for it.

optional files:
Unrealistic Grass: only uses Green Grasses and has their density on 255 each.

remove stuff: not needed with logical grass or unrealistic grass, stops little rocks, kelp and shrubs from loading. can be used with grass mods


DIY Plugin: an easy to customize grass plugin to make your own grass mod from
grass mesh resource: grass meshes i've made for anyone to use for their own mods

What they don't do:
-edit worldspace
-load unneccesary stuff like kelp, dead shrubs or pebbles/little rocks

why does it exist?
after trying out most grass mods on the nexus+dat grass i wanted to make a grass mod that fits my taste, doesn't kill my performance too much and doesn't edit things i don't understand so i made my own plugin that does that and decided to share it with everyone that has a similar taste.

should work with everything that doesn't change grass
please tell me if you find something that isn't compatible.

recommended settings:
iMinGrassSize=30-100 (low=dense grass, high=good performance) i recommend about 50 for logical grass and 70 for unrealistic grass.

if you got performance issues:
bShadowsOnGrass=0 (if you don't have issues, use 1)

recommended mods:
tamu75 Alternate aspen trees
vurt Flora Overhaul-i use only the textures because they are great and the meshes +esp kill my performance(still beautiful)
green LODs instead of yellow ones by zerwas1
Verdant clipping fixer by preum

Sparrowprince and Elinen for the meshes and resources in Hoddminir Flowers
SparrowPrince again for the permission to upload the meshes of Lush Grass
DrDocter for his grass textures and giving me permission to include them in some versions
the guys who made tes5edit possible
akkalat85 for the idea to not load meshes instead of modifying them
Mindflux for the bonus stuff from the enb particle patch and the permission for everyone to use, modify and distribute them

load order:
put after every mod that changes grass

permissions (for stuff that i made):
you can use, modify and redistribute all of it as long as the users can do the same.

Logical Grass:
0.1: didn't upload that one
0.2: initial release
0.2: added optional file that makes shrubs, kelp and little rocks not load in your game
0.3: changed the way to not load the meshes in the main file
0.4: fixed some things and tiedied things up you won't see in game
0.4: added alternate version that uses vanilla grass height
1.0: Built everything from the ground up, probably improved performance a little
2.0: Built almost everything from the ground up, uses all vanilla grasses again
2.0: more green: canged the amount of fieldgrass,added 2 meshes i modified from the vanilla game and uploaded DrDoctors textures
2.1: fixed size of fieldgrass
2.2: size changes, added meshes and improved performance especially around whiterun and morthal.
2.3: logical: evened out performance, improved compability with other mods
2.3: unrealistic: fieldgrasses on 255 density and everywhere
2.4: tidied stuff up, changed where grasses load
2.5: added meshes and textures, made logical grass more logical
2.6: fixed a few problems with logical grass and improved structure on unrealistic
3.0a: redid everything from scratch

Lush Grass two:
1: initial release

to do list:
-use some meshes from lush grass to improve logical grass (thanks again sparrowprince)
-redo v4 again because i lost it and didn't backup.
-add a bit more diversity (i will still keep it on 3 grass types per texture) by using each grass only once
-improve performance even more (yeah i think some optimization is still possible)