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A high-resolution, professional-quality retexture of the Blades sword.

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This is an HD retexture of the Akaviri katana and its sheath, which features all-new textures made with professional quality. The sword has 2048x2048-pixel textures, while its sheath is in 1024x1024 resolution.

The sheath is in a lower resolution because you barely ever see it closely, and 1k resolution has adequately high definition (i.e. not blurry smears like Bethesda's ridiculously small 256x256 texture).

All new textures are made from scratch; Bethesda originals were not used at all (not that they would have helped much, due to their pathetically low resolution).

The new textures' style is more closely based on traditional Japanese smithing than the originals. The resulting visuals are somewhat different, but more realistic.

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Diffuse maps have been improved. Blue hues have been deepened, and the sheath has been given a complete overhaul. Normal maps have been added, and the sword now has an environment map for slightly more reflectivity.