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This is a mod I created for personal use, I've decided to share it everyone in hopes that they'll find it as useful as I do. (My first mod)

-Updated- Young/Tough Version 4.0 -CK
Young and Tough Lydia have been updated with CK as well.
Custom hair colors and face morphs to give them both a unique look.
They have all the features present in version 2.0 of base Lydia.

-Updated- Version 2.0 -CK
Increased Level Cap to 300
Changed Default Outfit
Now uses Starts with Full Steel Armor set
Properly added existing perks
Now uses the Light Foot perk! (Doesn't set off pressure plates)
Novice and Apprentice Restoration perks added.
Recovery Perk added.
Restoration Dual Cast perk added.
Shouting Removed
Added Fast Healing Spell
Enhanced Magic Resistance
Removed Restore Health Recipes
Removed Enchanted Magic Necklace
Bow Perks Removed

Included optional files to remove Lydia's ability to use shouts.
For Young/Tough v3 with no shouts, please have the original version of the mod installed first!
Ex: Another Lydia Mod_Young_v3 ---> Another Lydia Mod_Young_v3 No Shouts
If asked to "update" in Nexus Mod Manger, select NO, then allow the update to replace the files.
These updates replace the original Esp and Batch files.

Added "Follower Bow Fix" to Miscellaneous downloads.
Removes the hidden Hunting Bow and Iron Arrows from your follower's inventory.

Open your console "~"
Select your follower
Type "bat bowfix" and press enter
You should see "GetItemCount = 0.00"
If its any higher than zero, press the up arrow key on you keyboard to get the last entered command to show up in console (So you don't have to type it again) and press enter again. Repeat until that number reaches 0.00 This should work on any follower with those hidden items in their inventory.

-Updated- Version 1.3.1
A minor change to Lydia's combat style from the previous version.
She'll fight more like herself and shout a little less often.

Younger Lydia Version 3.0
My attempt to improve Young Lydia's appearance further. (See Screenshots)
Her weight has be decreased drastically from the previous version, she's also a little shorter.
Gave her hair a dark, richer color not found in default Skyrim.
Young Lydia will now use the Ice Form (Iiz Slen Nus)-(Ice Flesh Statue) shout.

Tougher Lydia Version 3.0
My attempt to improve Tough Lydia's appearance further. (See Screenshots)
I scaled her down to normal size and also gave her a custom hair color. Added a scar under her left eye.
Tough Lydia will now use the Fire Breath (Yol Toor Shol)-(Fire Inferno Sun) shout.

-Updated- Version 1.3
Fixed some inconsistencies I found with Lydia's batch files.
Reduced the interval between Lydia's Unrelenting Force by 25% to make up for its reduced power.

-Updated- Version 1.2
Lydia now knows Unrelenting Force(Fus Ro Dah), and she's more than happy to show you!

-Updated- Mage Lydia (Beta)- Version 1.0
Added a Mage version of Lydia
(Check under "Optional Files")

-Updated- Version 1.1
Now includes a bat file that makes some minor adjustments to Lydia.
Increased Magicka by 50
Increased Restoration by 50
Increased Carry Weight by 100. (Mobile Storage)
Increased Sneak skill by 50.
You can now marry Lydia

These values would usually remain the same no matter what level Lydia reaches.
To apply these changes, simply open your console and type "bat lydia" -just once!
To remove these changes, type "bat lydiaoff" just in case.
To see a list of Lydia's skills and attributes, type "bat lydiastat". Use Page Up & Down to navigate
(Removing the stat changes does not remove your ability to marry Lydia.)
Functionally will remain the same with, or without activating these changes, so this version is safe to download in place of 1.0. Enjoy!

Note: Giving Lydia the "Light Foot" perk will not stop her from setting off traps. ^_^;
(Still testing)

Lydia will now steal anything and attack just about anyone.
Changed her standing idle to look more feminine.
Removed her inaccessible steel armor and replaced it with fine clothes.
Lydia Can now Carry more weight. [testing]
Lydia can now cast a healing spell. (Sometimes she'll flee while casting it)
Lydia is now a little better at sneaking.
Tempered with some things to make her a little stronger in combat.
Added the Avoid Death perk, [Restores 250 Health when Lydia's health drops Below 10%]
(This only happens once per day, doesn't protect against cinematic deaths)
She will also use a healing spell that is equal in power to the Avoid death Perk before using her healing spell.

Lydia has NOT been set to essential!
She's a little harder to kill now, but she isn't immortal. :)

Lydia's Inventory
Steel Sword
Steel Armor
Nordic Steel Boots & Gauntlets
Steel Shield
Imperial Bow
75 Steel Arrows
A Mammoth Tusk
A cheap book
A torch
350 gold

Optional Files

-Younger Sounding Lydia- UPDATED
Now changes her appearance.
Shorter Hair, Less intense eyebrows, height and weight reduced.
Now wears the Tavern Wench outfit by default.

-Tougher Sounding Lydia- UPDATED
Now changes her appearance.
Now wears hunter clothes by default.
Has been switched back to her default idle.

These include all of the features mentioned above.

-Mage Lydia-
Now favors destruction magic.
Altered her appearance. (See Screenshots)
Magicka Recovery Increased!
Magic Resistance Increased!
Can use stronger healing spells
Has destruction spells ranging from novice to expert
Will cast Candlelight instead of using a torch

Mage Lydia's Inventory
500 Gold
A Steel Dagger
Enchanted Magicka Necklace
Enchanted Ring of Destruction
3 Frost & Fire Salts
5 Common Soul Gems (Filled)
1 Restore Health Recipe
1 Restore Magicka Recipe
1 Cure Disease Recipe

I included a bat file that adjusts her stats for proper use of magic.
To use the adjustments "Bat magelydia" to restore her skills "Bat magelydiaoff"
To view her current stats, "Bat lydiastat".

::: Basically, it pushes her magic skills to at least 100, while reducing some of her other skills by nearly the same amount. She's a little overpowered because of it... :::

[Installation Instructions]
Simply extract the archive into your data folder and activate the esp, via Skyrim Launcher.
The effects should take effect automatically once in-game.

To be certain. While in-game, open your console with the "~" key.
Select Lydia, then type "disable" and press enter.
While still in the the console, type "enable".
Lydia should reappear in-game once you close the console.

Note: If Lydia is currently your follower, you may want to dismiss her before using the "disable/enable" commands.

This mod isn't compatible with other mods that make similar changes to Lydia

-General Improvements-
-Optional Classes-