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This mod will give you an beautiful antique cash register as a playable modders resource. 10 merchants have been given cash registers with 200 gold each that can be looted by a talented thief.

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RGM’s Antique Cash Register – playable resource

What I am giving you here is a beautiful antique cash register that you can use in your own mods.  This is a 100% un-restricted modder’s resource, it doesn’t matter if it is a paid mod or a free mod, you can use it.  Do what ever you want with it, you don’t have to ask permission, just credit me and remember “what comes around goes around”.

First and foremost this is a modder’s resource but it is also a playable mod.  I have given one cash register to one merchant in each of the 10 largest settlements in Skyrim.  Each cash register contains 200 gold and will re-spawn.


Windhelm     Sadris Used Wares
Whiterun     Belethors General Goods
Solitude     Radiant Raiment
Riverwood     Riverwood Trader
Riften         PawnedPrawn
Markarth     Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
Falkreath     Gray Pine Goods
Dawnstar     Mortar and Pestle
Winterhold     Frozen Hearth
Morthal     Thaumaturgists Hut

Any mod that overhauls one of the locations.  When placing the cash register I just looked for open counter space.  If another mod has added something to that space then we have a conflict.  But you know you can fix that yourself, right?

This mod has not been well tested, as I said it is released primarily as a resource for other modders and I put the esp together really quickly.


My releasing this mod at this time should not be viewed as any type of negative commentary on paid modding, though paid modding is what gave me the idea to release this.  Think of it as an example of my odd sense of humor, as in this might now be an essential modder’s resource – we all need cash registers now.  Lol

Designating this as un-restricted for paid mods as well as free mods is my way of making a statement, as in “our community will be what we make it”.  I would feel just as much pleasure seeing this in a paid mod as I would in a free mod, so there you go.

RGM aka RGMage2