Duke Patricks - Skyrim Friction Fix II by Duke Patrick aka SpookyFX-com
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Duke Patricks - Skyrim Friction Fix
REV 1.1

Latest SKSE needed.


REV 1.1 After using and working with the logic for many weeks I made some tweaks to the script to be more reliable and to reset on a player load.

Rev 1.0 has a fix to allow the system to work even when the player dies.This mod can prevent the player ragdoll from bouncing ridiculously far away or sliding forever down a hill.  This can happen when you fall and hit the ground too hard, hit the ground on a slope or anytime your ragdoll is called into the game and a strong havok force is applied to the ragdoll.

I only answer questions that are posted in my threads on the Bethesda forums:forums:

But be warned that I probably will not actively support this mod anyway because it was stolen out of my pet mod as a courtesy to those players that do not want to try my combat mod. :P

If you like this mod try my other Skyrim mods:Duke Patricks Archery and Heavy Weapons CombatThis is a combat overhaul mod based on my 30 years of real life melee combat fighting tournaments in the SCA.


But if you do try the above mod do not load this mod with it as my combat mod has this built into it and hard conflicts can occur.

This is compatible with any other mod. For example I like using the Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder and Enhanced Camera by LogicDragon.

The only mods it would not be compatible with would be any that take my work and copies it or includes it in their mod.


DO NOT distribute THIS MOD! You should only find this mod distributed from Tes Alliance and Nexus!
If any other web site is distributing the files for this work they are doing so illegitimately. 

Until further notice (when I consider the issues with paid mods is under control) you may NOT use my mod or resources what so ever.