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Add a Standalone Male follower.

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Born in Windhelm to a poor but loving familly, Signar joined a mercenary band in his teenage years after plague claimed his father's life and left his mother unable to provide for his younger sister. The coin he earned with the mercenaries, he sent most of it to his mother and sister; his way of providing for them. When news of his mother's death reached him, Signar decided to return to Windhelm to see his sister. What he returned to changed his life forever. His sister assaulted by a group of drunkards in a dark alley. He severely maimed one of the drunks but the others ran away but sadly the damage was already done ; his sister died before a healer could get there, in internal bleeding caused by the drunks beating getting the best of her. As for Signar, he was arrested since the man he maimed also died from his injuries. Imprisoned for years, when he had finaly purged his time in jail, Signar left Windhelm never to return. Wishing to put as much distance between himself and his past.

He moved to Whiterun,picked his work as a mercenary again, hoping to start a better life.

Signar is a quiet,calm and gloomy man that prefer to keep his past under silence as it is filled with bitter memories. Despite his gloominess he is a very sincere and loyal man.

  • Can be found in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun
  • He is essential
  • He is Marriageable
  • Specialize in One-Handed, Heavy Armor and Block.
  • Default Armor : Steel Plate
  • Default Weapon: Skyforge Sword and Steel Shield
  • *NEW* Stalwart : Signar gains a second wind which allows him to regenerate his stamina and last longer in battle without exhausting himself.

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
Brows by Hvergelmir
KS Hairdos -Renewal by Kalilies,Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
*Better Males by Chris57 and Favored Soul

Some recommended mods as Signar uses the Body mod and Texture that are installed.

Better Males by Chris57 and Favored Soul
Skysight Skin by Fadingsignal
Smooth Male Body by Urshi
Fine Face Texture for men by Urshi
Northborn Scars by Northborn
High Resolution Scars by Xenius

Why is he not using a standalone body and texture anymore?

For my own selfish motives mostly, I wanted him to be able to use whatever Body replacer or Texture I have installed instead of having to manually change it every time I tried a new setting. Sorry if happens to be an inconvenient.

Don't like it..

Nobody forcing you to download it. If it's the new body update that you do not like, the old version is still up for download.

The new Signar doesn't look the same as my Screenshots?

As mentioned before, he now uses whatever body replacer and textures you have installed. If are new to modding or haven't really gotten any male body related mods, I HIGHLY suggest you look at the recommendation I listed above.

Any plans for a Custom Voice?

Yes I do have plans to make him Custom Voice in the future but that may be a distant future. Writting a dialogue script takes alot of time.