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1. My own character as a follower, at your service.

2. Also, a few saved games of my own characters with a lot of content and surprises added via Console Commands. Only two plugins needed, and they are included. Feel nosy? Feel like exploring the world I left behind? Welcome, be my guest, play with my characters

Permissions and credits

  • Last Version of Skyrim 1.9
  • DLCs Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn


  • Requirements: Only the Plugin, place it on your Data folder

  • Features: Alehiz Berana replaces Cosnach as a follower, so he is at the Silver Blood Inn. He is equipped with a uniquely enchanted Redguard Outfit (Not obtainable) and with two enchanted Blades called Shiranui and Korefuji. He is very proficient in dual wielding and has various Shouts avalaible. For example Unrelenting Force and Disarm. He also has a unique Combat Style AI 

  • Background: Alehiz Berana is a Level 107 Breton Warrior. He is the last member of the Noble Family Berana of High Rock. His whole family was wiped out in a political conspiration scheme that took place in the Kingdom of Wayrest when he was just a baby. His nursemaid was able to smuggle the boy into the deserts of Alik'r seeking refuge in the independent kingdom of Hammerfell among the Lhotunic's territory. During the Journey the poor Nursemaid was bitten by a serpent with no means or knowledge to cure herself. But that night, in a sudden turn of events, a caravan came across and sheltered these two poor souls. The nursemaid was dying and luckyly, she wasn't able to tell anyone about the origins of the baby. So he was raised among the landowners of the region, educated in the mysteries of Satakal, and in the ways of the sword stated by Frandar hoonding in the book of circles. The years kept going and in 4E 201 fate finally played its hand. Alehiz was travelling with one of the merchant caravans of his adoptive father, Atek, and with some mercenaries led by Kematu on a mission to catch a fugitive. Trying to take a good opportunity of commerce, they headed for the border of Skyrim. That night in the inn Alehiz was approached by a mysterious woman, she was wearing a black dress though he could saw a spider over a web tattooed on her shoulders. She said to him. "You walk as a child of the sands, you use the sword as their ancestors do but deep inside you know that they are not your true forebears, listen to me, sweet young man, trust your instincts, the blood of Balfiera is present in you, the wheel now turns upon you". Then she kissed him letting a strange taste in his lips. Taunted by the patrons and by his own crew, he went to sleep that night, that 16th of Last Seed. That Night the webspinner revealed his past and his true origins in dreams, that night the webspinner ensnared the crew to leave at dawn leaving Alehiz behind. He woke up late and tried to pursue the caravan, then he was caught in an Imperial ambussh against some Nord rebels, you know the rest of that Story. Despite his origins among political treachery and being raised in the sands of the Alik'r desert, Alehiz met Legate Rikke and study the history, from that moment and beyond he became a staunch Imperial activist. Funding whole operations and equipment with his own coin. He spared Ulfric Stormcloak's life with the promise of taking the fight against the dominion. He married Vivienne Onnis of Solitude and adopted Blaise and Sophie, children of both Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers in a gesture of the suffering the Stormcloak rebellion left by. He destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, he arrested the members of the thieves Guild and helped the Guard imprison them. He defeated the Volkihar Vampire Clan side to side with the Dawnguard, funding posts and equipment for the Vigil of Stendarr in every city with his own coin. He defeated Miraak and fund a lot of Imperial patrols and postings on Soltsheim. But what happened next remains uncertain. Did he came back to Tamriel to protect its people and the ones who loves? Did he fall under the lure of Apocrypha, under the lust for Power and Knowledge? Did he fade away from time, from his own kalpa into another kalpa? Who knows, I wonder if you'll ever find out by yourselves.


  • Requirements: Deadly Dragons plugin (included): The 4.5. version of this mod clusters some scripts in saved games, so in order to avoid crashes and to get these saved games to load properly you'll have to activate this plugin in your plugin list. Note that this is not the complete or updated version of Deadly Dragons and it doesn't include any content of that mod.

  • A list of Hints and recomendations with all the mods I've used is included to check and solve possible compatibility issues. But they should not be required thus far.

  • You only have to place these Saved Games in your Saved games directory in order to use them, along with the rest

Finished Games: Just for fun, you can add new mods and quests if you like. But I let a lot of content and surprises for you using console commands. Enjoy!

  • 1: Visitor (A Level 1 Nord, a default character, you can customize this character using the console command "Showracemenu" as you see fit) Be my guest, play in the version of Skyrim i left behind with the character you desire. NOTE: You may want to use the console command "teofis" in order to clear some screen effects in this saved game. You'll have no shouts avaliable, only through console commands.

  • 2: Alehiz Berana Saved Game in Tamriel: Just poke around with my character with all of his equipment, items and skills: A level 107 Breton warrior. Background detailed in the follower section 

  • 3: Alehiz Berana in Apocrypha (Alternative Ending, Hermaus Mora seduces the Dragonborn for all Eternity, not a single dweller of Apocrypha will attack you. Permanent Dragon Aspect, bound equipment)

From 4 to 7: Unfinished Saved games, vanilla content it's still avalaible

  • 4. Janyla Sahaar (A level 18 Redguard Rogue), a former bandit, Janyla arrived to the province of Skyrim on board the Dainty Sload among the ranks of the restless league. Then some of their crewmates tried to kill her and others in order to get a higher cut of their last heist ans she was forced to flee. Janyla arrived on solitude and she decided to change her life. Raised in an independent Hammerfell she decides to join the stormcloak cause against the Empire. Includes: Ralof as a follower and potential husband.

  • 5. Eldai Haradiel (A level 25 High Elf Mage), Eldai is a Thalmor Elite agent in disguise, an undercover mission. She is in Skyrim overseering the operation to keep the Civil War as costly as possible to both sides. She sided with the Stormcloaks and is assisting Ancano in the College of Winterhold. You'll have to help Ondolemar survive the siege of Markarth too.

  • 6. Murgush gro Balok (A level 17 Orc Battlemage): Since he was but a child, Murgush dared to show interest in the ways of magic and alchemy, and  he even tried to learn the trade from the wise woman of his stronghold. The years passed and Murgush was scorned time and again until he finally left to wander the world as many orcs do, only he is one of the few (If not the only one) to show interest in magic. A discipline considered to be reserved to the wise women. Now he has Joined the ranks of the college of Winterhold and he is determined to be the Next Arch Mage, and to earn the respect he deserves as a master of the arcane. But still, as an orc he is still skilled in the use of the mace and heavy armors. He is neutral in the Civil War, though the empire usually welcomes orcs amongst the ranks of their legions and they also relocated many orc tribes in Skyrim after the last siege of Orsinium.

  • 7. Pupita (A level 35 Rookie Nord Barbarian): A true Daughter of Skyrim, her father used to be a wealthy merchant sailor, but after the White Gold Concordat his company was deprived of profitable royalties that were given to the Aldmeri Dominion so it went into bankrupcy and her family put to starvation. And besides her sister was kidnapped and killed by the Thalmor so she joined the Stormcloak army and she finally succeeded expelling what she calls the "Imperial Snobs" from Skyrim along with Ulfri. She also killed Lord Harkon. Now there's only one challenge to confront. Miraak, the first Dragonborn and the future war against the dominion.