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A very simple, very SMOOTH, lightweight way to "look closer" at objects, people, etc. in the game using a configured hotkey. MCM menu for full control. Requires SKSE.

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REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.1 (preferably 1.7.2) and SkyUI / MCM!

For a long time I've wanted a very simple, very SMOOTH, unobtrusive way to "look closer" at objects, people, etc. in the game.  I have almost every object textured in hi-res and enjoy taking in the details, but despite that, I find being able to actually read the spines on books, examine shelves, and look closely at NPCs and their gear to be more "immersive."  And it's just fun!

Opening the console to type a lower FOV, and then doing the same to reset it was just immersion breaking.  So I decided to make this very simple, lightweight mod.  It uses one very simple, event-based script (the safe kind; the 'bad' kind are the ones that register for updates or refresh constantly, which this does not do) and an SKSE DLL provided by a brilliant mod author who didn't want any credit.

This is my first functionality / gameplay mod / MCM.  The source is included, and I am always open to feedback and ways to improve!

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH | Video Review by the always entertaining MMOxReview -- THANKS, BRAH (starts at 3:18)


  • Smoothly zooms in when the assigned hotkey is pressed
  • Smoothly zooms back out when that key is pressed again
  • Can be used most any time (conversations, combat, etc.)
  • MCM to allow configuration for:
  • - Number of steps
  • - Zoom amount per-step
  • - Zoom speed
  • - Hotkey assignment
  • - Disable functionality for simple removal
  • Very lightweight, safe, event-based scripts (not the 'bad' kind), code-reviewed!
  • Safe to remove (though you should still never remove mods mid-game!)
  • Enable/disable without having to remove it
  • Works with gamepads / controllers!


  • Confirmed to work with Enhanced Camera, but you must make sure to set bEnableFOVOverride=0 in the SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini
  • Works with Customizable Camera, but you need to set your default FOV inside of CC itself, otherwise when zooming out you may return to vanilla FOV value.
  • Because it simply slides the FOV up and down, it should theoretically be compatible with any other camera mod. Bug reports welcome!
  • Face to Face Conversation (though it will 'hijack' the camera while in a conversation, though I find this useful!)
  • Works with controllers as well!


  • Simply activate in your mod manager of choice, or drop the files manually into your /data/ folder
  • Wait for the MCM menu notification to appear in game (this can take time, open/close the MCM list, or use Jaxonz MCM Kicker if it takes too long)
  • Go to MCM > A Closer Look > Settings and bind the hotkey you'd like to use (no hotkey defined by default)
  • Go back to your game, press the key to zoom and LOOK AT THEM SWEET TEXTURES AND PURDY NPCs!


  • Safe to remove, but I don't recommend removing ANY mods mid-playthrough
  • Disable the mod in the MCM
  • Close the MCM and wait a couple of seconds
  • Open the console and type stopquest lookCloserQuest -- ONLY DO THIS IF YOU WILL BE UNINSTALLING, AS THE QUEST WILL NOT RESTART!
  • Save your game
  • Uninstall the mod
  • Load up the save
  • Sometimes leftover MCMs can still appear, just re-save and re-load the game and it will go away


  • Option to simply hold/release the zoom key
  • Option to require the Bullseye Perk before being able to zoom
  • Optional vignette / visual effects during zoom
  • The goal is to keep this ultra simple though, so if any of these add too much complexity, they're out! :)


  • SKSE DLL to indirectly control FOV created and provided by an amazing author who didn't want to be credited (THANK YOU!) along with the initial starter code to work with the DLL.
  • Reko of Violens fame, via /r/SkyrimMods IRC, CDM_, and cdcooley from Bethesda Forums for gracious script review, help, and fixes
  • Isoku for making fantastic mods, and releasing the source, which I referenced frequently for best practices
  • Creators of SkyUI / MCM / SKSE -- You're saints!
  • Bethesda, for making such incredible games that I only feel SLIGHTLY guilty about pouring so much time and life into