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This is a patch that allows you to use extra hair packs (such as ApachiiSkyHair) for your
RS Children Overhaul character.

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- Versions 1 and 2 only worked for Nord Childs. Download Ver.3 instead, it works for all child races. -

This is a patch that I've made with TES edit. Basically, RS Children Overhaul doesn't allow you to use extra haircuts from mods. You only have 3 basic haircuts and some vanilla hairstyles. This patch will allow you to use any hairstyle mod pack on your RS Children Overhaul character, and will unlock the rest of the vanilla hairstyles that were not available for RS.


You must first install RS Children Overhaul, with all the files you need. In your Data folder you should have:

RSSkyrimChildren.esm (Main file)
RSChildren - Complete.esp (Optional, if you have all DLC)
RS Children_V.esp (Optional, if you have no DLC)

The USKP version is also included for those who want it.


Now, take the files from this mod and paste them in your data folder and
replace the old files. Now when you start a new game all (or most of) the hairstyles from packs should be available.
Please note that only RSSkyrimChildren.esm is required for this mod to work, but if you already have some of the optional files in
your folder, then go ahead and replace them by the files included with this mod.

HOWEVER, if RSChildren - Complete.esp wasn't in your Data Folder, then don't paste the patched file bearing the same name. This ESP requires files that comes with it and pasting the patch without the files may cause problems. On the other hand, pasting RS Children_V.esp without the original is OK since there's no textures/meshes attached to it (it takes them from the core file).