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The bards will now sing everything smoothly.

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Version 1.0

FSS - Better Bards

Welcome to better bards. This mod combined with my other mod (included) "FSS - No pause between lines" will have your bards singing smoothly at last.

What is "Better Bards"?

This is a collection of edits to the sound files for all the songs the bards sing. As such its a simple replacer.


Copy the sound folder from this archive into your Skyrim\Data directory

Optional But HIGHLY Recommended:

The Optional folder contains two .esp files, put ONE (1) into your Skyrim\Data folder and enable it in the launcher. By default Skyrim FORCES A DELAY BETWEEN LINES of 0.5 seconds. The "No pause" version reduces it to 0. The "Slight pause" version reduces it to 0.1 seconds. This delay is a global variable in the game itself and has nothing to do with the sound files.

Please note! The optional files WILL AFFECT ALL OTHER DIALOGUE!

If you don't like Better Bards, but would like the No/Slight pause mod you can grab it seperate at


Why arn't you using a mod manager?

Delete the following folders and hope it doesn't screw up any other mods: