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Expands Half-Moon mill by adding a tavern, apothecary, fishery, and stable and an underground vampire den. Adds 12 unique NPC vampires.

Permissions and credits
Scroll down to the Updates section to find out what's changed with this version!

This mod adds new buildings, interiors, and NPCs to Half-Moon mill in an effort to make it appear more lively. 

The Vampires of Half-Moon mill try to mesh with human culture as much as possible. They'd hate to attract the attention of the Jarl of Falkreath or, Divines forbid, the Dawnguard.

For that reason you won't see a lot of Vampire related things in their homes. Instead they work and live as normally as possibly.

The New Moon Inn is run by a nord woman named Svelka. She employs Vincent as a bard and Fleurette as a serving girl.

Secunda Stables is run by Tharviir. He's in charge of handling shipments of wood and fish to the different holds across Skyrim. His horses are important to his work, so he's not interested in selling them.

Razir is a Redguard who came to the town with his friends K'reever and Plutius. He now patrols the town and deals with any threats that show themselves.

K'reever is a Khajiit that guards the storehouse with his Imperial friend, Plutius. They make sure that no one steals the town supplies...or discovers the secret hidden in the basement.

The Fishery is run by the Argonians, Veersha and Kerkivus. Their son Deerthus does chores around the docks and spends his evenings in the Inn with his girlfriend Fleurette.

Masser Medicinals is run by Tyranni, a dark elf, and her husband Orpheus, a high elf. This odd couple lived in Morrowind before the eruption of Red Mountain. Now they've found a home in Half-Moon mill along with their pet Netch and her baby. [/left]

This mod requires all three Official DLCs in order to run. So Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. There will not be a non-DLC version.

These Mods aren't required, but they do add to the look and feel of the Vampire Cave and the Town itself.

Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
The Beauty of Skyrim Caves and Mines
Elaborate Textiles
Immersive Weapons
Immersive Armors
Wet and Cold
Realistic Water Two
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two

This mod drastically edits a number of cells around Half-Moon Mill. It adds a number of buildings and alters the landscape quite a bit in some areas. Because of this it is inherently incompatible with any mod that edits those same cells.
These are the coordinates of the edited cells:

* -11, -15
* -11, -14
* -10, -14
* -12, -15
* -12, -14

I've tested this mod with Tel Nalta and everything works perfectly. 
Also plays nicely with Moon and Star 
I just created a compatibility patch to fix the road leading to Greenhome, a nice little player home that's located near the stables

Version 0.6.5
* Everyone gets a Makeover! Inhabitants now look more human and the only tell is their glowing eyes
* The Argonians in the fishery and Razir now head into the Cattle Pens to sleep during the day
* Tharviir now sleeps in his house during the day
* Orpheus now sleeps in the Apothecary during the Day
* The apothecary maintains daytime hours but Tyranni will sell to you at night if you wake her up
* The Argonians will now sell to you wherever they are
* Deerthus no longer gets stuck on the docks

Version 0.6.0
* Purged Gray Faces from the Inn
* The gear for Plutius and K'reever now scales with Player level
* Plutius and K'reever no longer teleport between floors of the Storehouse
* Masters have been sorted with TESVEdit so Wrye Bash should no longer throw the "masters have been re-ordered" warning

This mod is currently in its Beta release. It's almost complete, but there are a few missing features and bugs. I would appreciate it if you share any bugs you find so I can try to fix them. The following bugs are ones that I'm aware of and will be working on (unless otherwise noted).

* The door to Masser Medicinals may be locked during business hours when you first approach it. Wait 24 hours and the AI should correct itself. (Not a bug)

* K'reever and Plutius sometimes glitch between floors in the Storehouse. They also have issues pathing to the first floor once Combat starts.
(fixed in V. 0.6.0)

* K'reever and Plutius both level with the player to give more difficult combat, however their gear is static which means they can't put up much of a fight past level 20 or so. (fixed in V. 0.6.0)

* Chopping wood for Hert raises the Player's relationship with the HalfMoonMill Faction. This means that everyone in town likes them more and it is no longer stealing to completely clear the shelves in the apothecary or the fishery.

* Stealing on of the horses causes the other horse to attack you. This triggers the other NPCs to become hostile to you.

* Deerthus gets caught on the stairs sometimes when patrolling the docks.  (fixed in V 0.6.5)

* The Netch and her baby sometimes duck beneath the surface of the lake

* The Netch and her baby sometimes get caught on the dock

* Svelka, Vincent, and Fleurette have the gray face bug and exporting their faces from the Creation Kit won't fix it. (fixed in V 0.6.0)

* Kerkivus floats above the floor when cooking at the pot in the fishery (Fixed in V 0.6.5)

* Tyranni doesn't stand behind the counter during business hours (fixed in  V 0.6.5)

* Wrye Bash has the error "Masters have been re-ordered. (V. 0.6.0)

* Plutius and K'reever automatically/randomly equip the best armor for their current level. This might cause them to equip weapons/armor they shouldn't have access to (dragon bone or daedric equipment). 

* Svelka no longer has a gray face, but her face and skin complexion do differ leading to a visible neck seam. She's currently wearing the Vampire Armor from Dawnguard which covers the neck seam and doesn't look half bad. (not necessarily a bug) (Fixed in V 0.6.5)

* The Fishery is "supposed" to lock during the day and unlock at night. This works intermittently and sometimes only one door or the other will unlock. 

* If you're loading an old save there's a chance that the NPCs won't use their updated schedules. This causes Orpheus in particular to stand around outside when he should be inside sleeping.  

These are the features that still have yet to be implemented into the mod. Once these are done, the mod will be considered out of Beta.

* Makeovers for all NPCs (including hair?)
* More realistic/in depth NPC schedule
***** NPCs go to feed and sleep in the Cattle Pens
***** Argonians go Fishing
***** Orpheus gathers wild plants
***** Fleurette and Deerthus go on romantic walks
* Quests
* Dawnguard Quest
* Vampire Lord Quest

* Player Home

* Custom Voices (??Maybe??)

* Custom Signs for Inn, Apothecary, Stables, and Fishery

* Chance to Contract Sanguinare Vampiris when Sleeping in the Inn?

This mod would not be possible without the following resources from these Amazing mod makers.

The TESA Resource Kit provided the Fishing Supplies
InsanitySorrow provided the Chessboard in the Inn and the room divider in the apothecary
Oaristys made the awesome Alchemy Jars in the Apothecary shop.
Blary created the Scale and the Moth Display in the Apothecary shop.
Stoverjm made the static book on the bottom floor of the storehouse.