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This mod allow you to fly a new way.
You never fly so easy and natural.

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This mod allow you to fly a new way. You never fly so easy and natural. Flying mechanics very organically mixed with gaming process.
To start, you need to cook "Mutagen" and drink it. After that your character will get pair of wings on its back.
Wings are special and tuned for flying and gliding.
Now all you need is just jump forward. (for more info about controls see "Controls" section).

_____ Little video introduction : _______________________________________ Mod overview from Shinji72 : ______________

_________ Mod overview from Preykousis: ______________

- interaction with any collisions by the game's engine while flying !!!
- convenient controls and overview (by mouse).
- smooth transition between animations and flying stages.
- minimal load on scripting system (if any).
- linked character and wings behaviors (wings are in bundle).

- to begin "Gliding" you need to press and hold "Forward" button then press "Jump".
- in "Gliding" mode you may press "Jump" again to switch to the "Flying" mode ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- in "Flying" mode you may use "Sprint"/"Sneak" keys to fly up or lift down ("Forward" key must be hold down).
- if you release "Forward" key in any mode - your character will start to falling down.

SKSE and FNIS (and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x86))

Pretty Jump Animations - I used its animations (Style 02) in my introduction video.

- Unpack archive to the game's folder and activate mod in launcher.
- Run "Generate FNIS for Users.exe" and press "Update" button.
- Cook the "Mutagen" in any cooking pot, then drink it.

- Stop your character and drink another (cure) "Mutagen" to remove the wings.
- Save, leave the game and delete all files of the mod.

- mod may start working wrong if you use another mod, which dynamically make changes to the game's variable "fJumpHeightMin".
(but this is unlikely, I don't know such a mod so far)

Known issues:
- you can't fight while flying
- you can't fly in first person view

Other mods used in my video:
FNIS Sexy Move by Fore
Merida Hair with physics by Yoo and Sayka83
Vampire Cuirass  by Newmiller (no link available here at this time for unknown reason)

Future plans:
- change Idle (when folded) animation for wings like in Animated Dragon Wings
- add a way to switch flying ability [on/off] during gameplay
- add more variations for dragon wings
- add fairy wings
- add feathered wings (very distant and uncertain plan)