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Brings a new weapon to the game with a set of armor and complementing animations.

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*** Requires Dawnguard DLC ***

- NEW - ***  Immersive First Person View is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for First Person View *** - NEW - 

(see second video below)

:: + :: INTRODUCTION :: + ::

This mod adds a set of musket and armor as well as supporting animations to the game, it is divided into two parts and can be downloaded separately.
Please read the following instructions carefully before you proceed.

Part I: The Charleville Musket and the Musketeer Outfit

The Charleville Musket is a new custom weapon for Skyrim, it uses the same weapon-type as "crossbow" and "archery" skills in the game but it is not a replacer, the crossbow will still function as usual in game.

The musket does slightly higher damage than the crossbow but it had a slower reload time. It also uses another ammo type called "Musket Ball" instead of bolt. However, you can still load crossbow bolt as it was regarded by the game as one and there is no way to fix this.

The musket had custom firing sound and smoke effects.

Acquiring the musket and ammo: It can be crafted in the smithing forge and improved via the spinning wheel. Musket balls can be crafted in the smithing forge.

The Musketeer Outfit is a set armor specifically designed for female musketeer, it had an attached ammo pouch for pure deocrative effect. It is designed for UNP body but can be used with any other body-types as well.

The boots require HDT-Highheels System to work properly, it is very easy to install. Optional non-HDT Highheels .esp is available.

Acquiring the outfit: It can be crafted in the tanning rack and improved in the armor bench.

Part II: The Musketeer Animations

Included in the optional file is a set of animations made by me designed for the musketeer. Original crossbow animation for the musket is very weird-looking for the musket and reload is a bit too fast for game balance.

The animations will replace crossbow animations but in my opinion, it makes the gameplay experience with the musket more seamless, please consider PC Exclusive Animation if you have some concerns.

Further note that, my animations only replace those related to shooting, reloading and walking while aiming the musket. I strongly recommend you to install Dualsun's Pretty Crossbow Idles for the running animations. If you do so, please install his idles first, then install with my animations and allow replace.

:: + :: VIDEO DEMO :: + ::

A short video demostrating gameplay of the musket and the animations -
(Please note Dualsun's Pretty Crossbow Idles were installed for the running animations)

Another short video demostrating first person view with Immersive First Person View -

:: + :: CROSSHAIR ISSUES :: + ::

Please take some time and look at ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweak for adjustment of the crosshair accordingly. Thanks!

:: + :: VIDEO REVIEWS :: + ::

Thanks Mr. Vatiwah for his always good video review :D Please subscribe for more skyrim mods review video from him!

:: + :: INSTALLATIONS :: + ::

Part I: The Charleville Musket and the Musketeer Outfit

- Extract the downloaded file to a location.
- Copy and paste the "data" folder into your steamapps/common/skyrim folder.
If you USE the HDT-Highheels version, please activate the "yurica_musketeer [HDT].esp" (Included in the main file) or;
if you DO NOT USE the HDT-Highheels version/do not have HDT-Highheels installed, please download the "yurica_musketeer [non-HDT].esp" from optional file.
- Enjoy and don't forget to endorse the mod if you like it!

Part II: The Musketeer Animations

- Similarly, extract the files to a location.
- Copy and paste the "data" folder into your steamapps/common/skyrim folder.
- Remember to install Dualsun's Crossbow Idles first and then replace with my animations if you want his running animations.
- There is no .esp file required.

:: + :: KNOWN ISSUES :: + ::

- The outfit will have clipping if you use some extreme poses.
- If you do not use Immersive First Person View - The barrel does not point exactly to the crosshair but you can still aim with the crosshair and hit
something/someone and the animations do not work in 1st person.

:: + :: CREDITS :: + ::
Thanks Mr. Ghosu for his inspiration from mod "Project Flintlock"!