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Following on from my Bleakfalls Bypass mod, this mod adds doors in High Hrothgar and Ustengrav (the dungeon where you are tasked to go to to find the horn of Jurgen Windcaller) to make the Horn quest easy and quick. (Plenty of spiders here to avoid ;) )

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If you're trying to get through the main quest of the game each time using a new character some of the dungeons can be a right pain to do again and again. Hand in hand with my Bypass Bleakfalls mod, this mod makes it quicker to get through one of the compulsory dungeons of the main quest without having to bother with all the resistance along the way.

Originally requested by kahasana, Bypass Ustengrav adds a series of doorways through Ustengrav which takes you from High Hrothgar, opposite the door to the Greybeards' courtyard, to the first room full of wizards and bandits and from there to the boss chamber at the end of the dungeon where you can visit the coffin of Jurgen Windcaller without having to trek through the entire length of Ustengrav (and back if you don't want to use the back exit and fast travel)
No known conflicts as it simply adds 3 doors in Ustengrav's walls and 1 in High Hrothgar so I can't imagine it would conflict with anything :) 

Hope you find this useful, please check out my other mods, and enjoy!