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Shouts from the realm of Apocrypha

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Steam Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420839901

- Dragonborn 
- Dawnguard 

Sorry about that. Couldn't be helped. 


Mora's Cloak: Feim Zah Gol (Fade Finite Earth) - Hermaeus Mora transports you halfway to Oblivion, to the effect that you can see your enemies, but they cannot detect you. 

Mora's Hold: Rii Nus Diin (Essence Statue Freeze) - Your foe is enveloped in writhing tentacles that prevent movement. 

Mora's Protection: Grah Haas Qah (Battle Health Armor) - Hermaeus Mora envelops you in a protective shield of tentacles. Any enemy who gets too close is poisoned. 

Mora's Wrath: Zii Gron Bah (Spirit Bind Wrath) - Your voice summons a field of tentacles. Any enemy who sets foot gets staggered and poisoned. 

Devour Soul: Zii-Los Dii Du (Soul-Is Mine Devour) - Dragon! Your soul is mine to devour! Instantly kills a dragon and heals you to full health. 

Surge of Apocrypha: Suraas Kaag Nunahst (Surge Burst Manifest) - Your voice calls upon Apocrypha, which surges forth with great power. Extremely powerful shout. Debating whether or not to make it a power (once a day use). 

Since I haven't added any way of obtaining Surge of Apocrypha or Devour Soul, I'll post the IDs. 

Ziilos - XX02BEF7 
Dii - XX02BEF8 
Du - XX02BEF9 

Suraas - XX03B203 
Kaag - XX03B204 
Nunahst - XX03B205 

To learn the XX value, open your console and type "help mora". Scroll up until you see (SHOU) Mora's Wrath (XX021CF1). Those first two numbers is the load order of my mod in your game. So, replace the XX with those two numbers. Use player.teachword 


Little is known about these shouts. From what we can discern from the wording, Hermaeus Mora has added a double meaning to some words. Nobody knows why, how, or the number of words of power that have been affected. Legends tell of a powerful Dragonborn, once Mora's Champion, who used these shouts to try and take over the world. 


As I am using existing words, when you learn, for example, "Zii", you will also learn the word for Mora's Wrath. As a result, you can learn words out of order. Future updates will include quests, more lore, and possibly voice acting. I'll gladly take suggestions from you guys on what shouts to add or ideas for quests. 

This mod IS WIP. If this ♥♥♥♥s up your game, I sincerely apologize but you were warned. It shouldn't, as I've tested it pretty extensively. If this mod conflicts with any other mod, comment it or PM me and I'll add a warning and try and fix the conflict best I can.