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Full 2k retexture of the dragonbone weapons set.

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[left]WOW! WE HIT HOT FILES GUYS!! Thank you so much!!  

---------------------------------------------------------- Video Features below! Thank you Hodilton, and Vovin Gaming! ---------------------------------------------

    [/left]The time is upon you. after hundreds of hours, thousands of drops of sweat over the forge, and Alvor's tears, your finest creation is at hand. Alvor has "agreed" to help you man the forge through the night. It is now the wee-hours of the next morning, your face blackened, tired, and drenched in sweat. "Pump those bellows faster damnit!" you bark at a weeping Alvor. A minute later you pull the glowing weapon from the fire, it is ready for the bath, you thrust it into the barrel of cold water. No ping, a good sign. You pull the weapon from the water and look upon it...Alvor falls to his knees, his jaw dropped, a look of horror and disbelief in his face. The bone is weathered, brown, and ugly. The metal has cheated time and in seconds begun to rust and tarnish. Your finest creation doesnt even look newly forged or detailed. At least thats the way the vanilla game would have it.


The Art of Dragonbone is a full 2k retexture of the Dragonbone weapons set, and as far as i am aware, the only HD retexture for the set on the nexus. In an attempt to bring more interest, and character to the weapons, Every weapon's metal has been retextured from the ground up in a hammered metal style similar to the originals (minus the rust and tarnish), but at much greater detail and polish, including fine detailed scratches, and newly-forged metal hues. The dark ugly bone has also been done away with, and replaced with a much more natural, lighter, new and fresh looking bone, detailed by hand on a Wacom Graphic tablet.

Every weapon is branded by its master smith. Dovahkiin, In the dragon language. Just like the real life master weapon smiths of today and past brand their work. 

Pictures simply dont do these textures justice, fine detailing is hard to see in an image under 2 mb. 

All vanilla seams and mistakes, other then some bad uv cuts, have been fixed. the bad vanilla texture unwraps (affect only 2 items), as well as the normal maps will likely be replaced in Version 3. 

If you have question, comments, or suggestions, please leave a post. all community feedback will be taken into consideration for the next update. This took me a lot of time, so if you like it, please do endorse, and leave a comment with your thoughts. :)

A very big thank you to Hodilton for featuring my mod in his Skyrim Mods series!

Another thank you to Vovin Gaming for his feature of my mod!



There should be no compatibility problems as long as this mod stays below any weapon retextures.
(although i am not aware of any other dragonbone weapon retextures)

-update to below!

*I've been informed that the retextures work fine, and well with lautasantenni's Katana Crafting mod. Thank you Kavula. :)

*i have been informed that the retextures do in fact work with the Mod "Better shaped weapons". Thank you c00biX. :)
Anything that changes the meshes of Dragonbone weapons will likely not be compatible, unless i, or the meshes mod author has stated otherwise. but i cant guarantee how the textures will appear on different meshes. Although Nock-to-tip, which alters the vanilla dragonbone arrow head, is for sure, 100%, compatible, the retexture for that mesh is visible in the pictures.

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Do not re-upload this file in any way without explicit permission from myself, if you have a question, simply PM me. thank you.