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Find some unusual works of art in the usual places

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Inconspicuous art in Skyrim.
These examples of art exist in a single copy. And sometimes they are not easy to spot. Nords tough people, they do not approve of such things.

1. Find and admire the extraordinary bas-relief above the fireplace in the Dragon Reach.
2. This beautiful stained glass you can see as you enter the Blue Palace in Solitude. He half-hidden bushes and pillars. So you have to wade through the bushes to see it completely.
3. The dome of the Blue Palace Solitude ... Oh, it's just a joke.  Not lore. Install, look, remove. Never mind.
4. If you sit on the cold stones, you can get sick. Greybeards were wise... Ritual place in High Hrothgar. 3 variants: many pelts, less pelts, carpet.
5. Big and posh stained glass in Dragon Reach Gallery. What the gallery without pictures? 

Update 27/08/15. Some minor fixes and improvements in file #5. Added one more place for the stained glass inside the Dragon Reach. Now only one variant - look at screenshot with inscription.
Now I'm trying to solve the problem - whether it is possible to make a variety of stained glass, but not repeated 4 times. 

Installation: Unpack the archive. Put the meshes and textures folders in the Data folder of your game.
Note: Sometimes you have to use the console command ~ tcl, to approach and a good look at these things.