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A feminine male marriageable argonian.

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I'm only really uploading this for a friend of mine, but if anyone likes it feel free to use it. This is my first mod ever, and as such it's pretty lightweight. It's literally just a standard spouse made with the vanilla assets.

His name is Flows-Like-River, and he's studying to be a dancer at the Bard's College. You can find him in the Bard's College in Solitude, usually in the first room on the right when you enter. He's a real cutie. :3

Totally standard practice; just download the file with Mod Organizer or NMM and add it.
It's an esm, not an esp, in order to make the facegen work, but load order shouldn't make a difference; it's just a marriageable NPC. Position your other esms first; their positioning is more important than this one.