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Whispers from the shadows have brought forth the Shadow Dancers once again.

Permissions and credits
::Shadow Dancer::
The Shadow Dancer is a rogue like class that has several added abilitys. This is small part of a future quest mod based around the class and the mysterious Raven Society.

:: Recent Updates :: 
4/8/15: Fixed another Shadow Walk Issue causing players to be transparnet, also made shadow dagger throwable when not in sneak and it now consumes the dagger so you must make another to throw again. I feel this is a better choice for that particular spell but let me know what you think.
4/7/15: Fixed a bug where invis and muffle would linger.

  • Level up to level 30 with progressing abilities
  • Start automatically with the book of shadows that you use to level the Shadow Dancer by reading it
  • Add to your playthrough with unique ways to tackle different situations with your new abilities.
  • Soon to come Nightmare Horse texture for blaze (as soon as I can get ahold of the author)
  • Balanced skills.

:: Leveling Guide :: 
Level 1: Bound Shadows
Level 5: Shadow Dagger
Level 10: Shadow Walk
Level 20: Light Blade
Level 25: Shadow Step

:: Ability Description :: 
Bound Shadows: Binds shadows into the shape of a bow, the ability upgrades as you level every five levels keeping up with the bows of that level. The bow takes on a longer draw time at 25 and 30 giving normal bows some use. The bows gain extra powers as you level, see the chart below.

Bow Powers:
Level 1: The bow can extinguish light sources
level 20: The bow now does 8 extra damage while you are in Shadow Walk Mod.
Level 25: The bow gains the ability to darken out the sun, when fired at the sun. Just like Auriels bow.
Level 30: The bow gains the ability to put a Shadow Crow Dot on Enemies. 

Shadow Dagger: You are able to bind the shadows into a dagger. The dagger does four damage when used as a melee weapon, however you can throw the dagger doing devistating damage to humanoid enemies if you can hit them. You must remake another dagger to throw again.

Shadow Walk: The shadows hide your presence making you much harder to detect and increase your sneaking speed. This Automatically works while sneaking so long as you are not detected, in combat or near bright light. Going through well lit areas will extinguish the Shadow Walk.

Light Blade: You gain the ability once per day to push the shadows aside and form a blade out of pure light. The weapon does sun damage, and greatly damages the undead.

Shadow Step: You gain the ability to step through the shadows and appear where you wish to be. 

:: Installation :: 
This mod requires Sneak Tools to use,

Install normally, when you start the game you should automatically get the book of shadows in your inventory. If you do not, just use the console to look for the book of shadows. This will work with games that exist. If you are above level 1, just click the book until you recieve all the abilities listed for your level. This will require you to open and close the book a few times depending. That is it :) Please report any bugs you find so I may address them thanks :)

:: Credits :: 
GraysonTheWolf: Thank you for letting me use his abyssal bow from his Bound Elemental Weapon!
Raden5: For letting me use his throwing daggers mod and assets to implement the shadow dagger!
Nicoroshi: For letting me use his Nicos Raven Sword for my light blade it looks totally amazing and I greatly appreciate it!
NastyCastanza: Thanks for helping me work out how to do shadow step and the effect for the light blade!

:: FAQ :: 
Q: Why am I randomly dropped out of shadow walk? A: Could be that you where partially detected Shadow Walk will drop if you alert someone.
Q: Shadow Step is revealing me when I do it near people A: Yes unfortunately I have NOT found a way to make it 100% silent hopefully i can fix it later.
Q: Why did you increase the draw time for the last two bows? A: I want normal weapons to still be viable later in the game :)
Q: Why is there only one light blade? A: I for the life of me could not get it so that it would equip two light blades, if someone knows how to fix let me know.
Q: You did not meantion how strong the light blade is? A: Well it is about as strong as a daedric blade, stronger vs undead :)