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A human race mod with 2 new locations, a crashed ship with an inside to enter

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You are a Human from planet Earth. You were on a colony ship around Nirn when the nuclear engine blew up and you were forced to escape the ship, you took some first aid kits before you went off in case of everything would go ♥♥♥♥. You crash land on Nirn in a capsule, Right into an Imperial ambush against the Stormcloaks in south skyrim, close to the cyrodiil border. The imperials capture you because they think you are one of the stormcloaks. 

You start with extra +25 health, +25 stamina and no magicka regen. Good luck Survivor ! 

A readme file is in the download or you can just use NMM if you have that :) 

1.0: The first version with the new "Human" Race and 2 Special Powers 

1.1: The second version adds the power "Intel Cloaking Processing Unit", makes you invisible for 60 seconds but drain 1 Magica points every second in 60 seconds. 

1.2: The third and main version adds the impact location of the capsule the humans crashed with. The impact location is located south of helgen (there is a map marker) 
Adds a "survivals Journal" in a box at the capsule. 
Adds a Skull of one of the survivors in the same box. 
You have no magica regen in this update. To heal your magica, drink potions or use magical items. 
*Made some changes to the "Intel Cloaking CPU" but it isn´t still working as expected. I will try to improve in later updates but i dont know how to make it as i want it to work (i am still an amateur on CK) 

1.3: Adds more details around the crash site of the Capsule. 
Adds a new map marker "John´s last location" were you can find the person who went out to find the lost members of the crew and his journal (John was mentioned in Jenny´s journal) you can find Jenny´s journal in a box just outside the capsule. 

1.4/1.5: Adds an inside of the crashed ship, there is a door on the capsule. 
Adds a "Nuclear Battery" Power that can be used to fill your Energy Bar with 100 Energy points (Magicka) 
Adds a Shock spell called "Overclock" that does 1000 damage but consumes 100 Energy points (Magicka) 
Fixed "Currupt File" message from windows