Untie and Row Boats by flexcreator
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Last updated at 23:07, 15 May 2015 Uploaded at 20:38, 5 Apr 2015

This mod allows to temporary replace any of the Skyrim static boats with ones from "Realistic Functional Boats" and actually sail them with respect to HAVOK-physics

You need to install "Realistic Functional Boats"

Boat can collide with objects, sink under heavy mass and experience friction while staying on the solid ground.
More detailed description can be found at theĀ "Realistic Functional Boats" page


You will receive a lesser power called "Untie Boat".
Stand in the boat and use the power. Make sure you have an Oar (or two) in the inventory.

Known issues: followers like to mess with the boat, so it's better to leave them waiting while you go on trip


Two Oars, weapons unequipped:

If you leave the boat and move too far, the static boat will be restored and the dynamic one will be removed.

This mod is like a "soft" replacer. It doesn't conflict with anything. It replaces the vanilla boat temporary and doesn't change anything in the vanilla game, so it should be safe to uninstall when all the static boats are restored.