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I release high quality character presets here that you can load in both Enhanced Character Edit and RaceMenu.

Permissions and credits
Thanks for your for downloads, endorsements, comments, images.
This project hosts an original cast of characters made by me in and for Skyrim.
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A Skyrim mod, by Dekobi-hime./デコビひめからの、スカイリムMOD。
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.☆ Dekobi chara! ☆. ECE/RM
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Pictures are in the gallery tab at the top!

How to use these presets? Load them in Enhanced Character Edit and/or RaceMenu!

New to Skyrim and want to know how to make beautiful characters?
I have released a guide on character creation!
Click here to be taken to Steam.

The dekobi chara project provides female characters for your world through presets and files, that i made in and for Enhanced Character Edit (ECE) and/or RaceMenu (RM).
デコビキャラはEnhanced Character Edit(ECE)やRaceMenu(RM)に使われるプリセットを作れるプロジェクトです。

You can load these presets with the *slotload (ece), or *presets tab (rm) and *sculpt (rm) functions to edit/play from there.

I hope you enjoy, Dekobi-hime


--A list of the all important tools for character creation. --
(if you don't have these mods please download them first/まだないとならばこれらをダウンロードみてください)

*Enhanced Character Edit (ECE)
slotload - (loads .slot)
f1 export - (chargen export)
*Race Menu (RM)
presets tab - (saves/loads .jslot)
sculpt - (chargen import and much more)
SKSE (external link)
*please read recommendations for more mods, tools, plugins and addons.



Download, and install. -
Installer - in MO/NMM add the downloaded archive and let files install themselves.
x x x
Manual (*required for ECE) - 1. unpack archive. 2. draganddrop the files to data folder, except for _x_commonTriRaces that goes to CME_save in MyGames (aka slotload*!).
RaceMenuプリセットはインストーラからインストールできますが、Enhanced Character Editのプリセットは手動でインストールしてくださいね。

Be careful if you encounter conflicts, please rename any of the files or move existing file so it is not overwritten.

::recommended mods/推奨改造:: (lite)
♩: Within RaceMenu, presets viewn in the load presets tab display applied plugins(tattoos, hairs etc.) as active or missing. You'll know specific mods for that character there, sometimes i write it in caption under the download tab here too. ♥
: plugins:
ApachiiSkyHair -
KS Hairdos - Renewal -
New Mikan Eyes - (highly recommended!)
NFG KANJI WarPaints - RaceMenu Overlay Plugin -
Ravens Warpaint -
SG Female Eyebrows -
The Coenaculi -
: miscellaneous:
_ Custom_female_voice_series_WIP -
Aloe Poser -
Camera Directed Head Tracking -
Facial Expressions Project (F.E.P) -
Female Facial Animation -
Screenshot Assist -
Mod Organizer -



x ::advice corner/アドバイスコーナー:: x (lite)
*you can read this section in the readme.~

+> character design, mod assembly, images, readme, release and update by Dekobi-hime.